Imagine, for a moment,
that peace befell the land,
that all of humankind reached out
and held each other’s hand.
Imagine, for an instant,
the touch of skin to skin
proved so powerful a feeling
every nation felt like kin.
Imagine, for a second,
love possessed the honest soul
of each citizen on the planet
and the world was truly whole.
Imagine, for a heartbeat,
how quickly hatred would dissolve
and compassion rise up gallantly
with blazing-strong resolve.
Imagine, in your lifetime,
this chain of hope began
and the link at its inception
was your firm, extended hand.
Terri McPherson

 If today started off negatively, it doesn’t have to end that way. At any point in time you can turn it around. The same energy that was bringing you down can be used to lift you up. All you need to do is turn it around.

The point where you are right now is the point that separates the past from the future. And you are in complete control of that critical junction. If the past hasn’t been going well, then move yourself in a different direction. Right here, right now you have that power.

No matter how fast you’re going in the wrong direction or how far you’ve travelled, at any point in time you can make a u-turn. Why would you want to use up your time and energy on a journey toward despair? Turn it around right now.

If your efforts have never amounted to much up until now, this is the moment at which you can begin to make them count for something. If you’ve been frivolous and unfocused, now is the moment to sharpen your focus and to and to align your actions in the direction of your highest aspirations.

Moving ahead is infinitely better than falling behind. There’s nothing that can prevent you from pointing your life in a positive direction right this very moment. Do it now, and for every moment to come.

Ralph Marston


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