DAY 1 journey back to Slender Pas :)

I have 3 kids – 2 boys of 11 & 8 and just in the last 6 months, a little girl 🙂
I thought I had it all under control but somewhere near the end of the pregnancy, I began to really not care about the weight and just basically ate whatever but still in moderation.

When it really hit me was when I got home from the hospital and had to basically sit around, feeding her all day as well as me…I had a caesarean, so not much exercise was allowed. The whole breastfeeding business did not fare well with me at all, so without realising, I actually ended up in a mini depression about the whole experience – lots of reasons why that I won’t go into now.

I started my thinspirational journey on Monday 10th of January 2011 by going on the Lemon Detox. Now I know that a lot of people don’t agree with this method but I have found it to be a great experience, more in spiritual sense than one to lose weight – but the good news was that I did lose 5-6kgs by the end of the 10 days. I continued my plan by following a Lo-GI diet since…which proved to be great but to be honest, it can get so expensive!!!

Today, upon reflection on how the last 5-7 days has been for me – which was not very good at all – I saw myself getting back into old bad habits and I knew that I had to put a stop to it before it got any worse!

I made the important decision to join WW today…well actually, I made the decision whilst I was breastfeeding 3 months ago but I always had an excuse.

So this is all different now and I am still looking around and learning exactly how it all works but I am loving the changes!

My main aim to have the support and give the support because there’s nothing worse than doing something on your own when it can be done collectively 🙂

I just completed Debbie Ford’s 21 Consciousness Cleanse which was amazing – really helped me to get on track so far this year and focus on all that I wish to achieve and that course actually inspired me to write a personal blog about the experience which I did. I love being able to share my reflections and experiences…because I know I get so much from reading other people’s and so I wish to give back the same to others 🙂

My aim here is to share my thoughts, feelings and reflections along this journey – some days will be great days – full of positivity, but there may be some days where I will need to vent and that could be on my not so positive days. Nevertheless, I will share whatever it maybe because we all need to read or hear out there, that we aren’t alone.

Thanks for taking the time out to ride on my journey!


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