Day 2 Reflections

Well here I am on Day 2/3…

I spent most of yesterday getting familiar with the Pro points and finding out what would be best for me.

In my tracker, I decided not to track Day 1 because it was a complete blow out, and also I did register on here in the afternoon….so really my first day was yesterday as far as I am concerned. And still not a good day…my daily points allowance is 31 and I ate 40!!! Gotta say that I was a little depressed by the end of the day. I think I am feeling a little overwhelmed and like I am putting a lot of pressure on myself already!

An observation – how easy is it to slip off track….after working so hard to get myself into a healthy state in the last 2 months???? It’s really quite distressing! I noticed that in the last 2 weeks, I have gotten back into eating lots of things with too much sugar….and convinced myself that they were the healthy options. In general and in moderation, they are but I have been eating them pretty much everyday! Like? Like Banana Bread, Be Natural fruit & nut bars, Orchard fruit cake to name but a few. Arrrghhhh!

All I can do NOW though is look towards the future and accept the reasons why I went off track and learn from that experience! I am grateful that I am able to see what changes I need to make in order to get on track.

The last time I lost weight…I lost lots of weight over a long period of time – although not as much as I have to lose this time around. Upon reflection, what I realised was that I was not doing it for myself, I was doing it to impress others! Somehow that was what motivated me. This time around, for me, it’s not only bringing out Slender Pas out physically but also an journey to find self-love 🙂

So my plan today and for the next couple of days is to stick to fruits & vegies and ensure that I choose take the healthy options as much as possible to make up for my complete blow outs….and EXERCISE. I haven’t done any exercise for over a week(also due to the fact that I have been sick).

Let me complete today’s blog with some inspiring words to ponder from Marianne Williamson:

“Mind is cause; Body is effect. The cause of your excess weight is in your mind!”


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