1 April 2011 – Day 28 Reflections

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Here I am, at Week 4 on WW and surprised myself with yet another 1kg loss this week!!!

I was absolutely stunned & amazed and in disbelief. Mainly because this is how it went. I weighed myself @ 7.30am as I usually do. I did expect to lose maybe 200g or to STS…but the scale that morning told me I had put on 200g. But I knew that I had lost something and I knew that what was weighing down was the fact that I was bloated from 2 days of blockage in my bowel. So I left it and thought, I will have breakfast and see how things are after that. I don’t know if this is cheating…but you know, when you know that a different result should be on that scale. The scale only tells you what is, not the facts that have lead to the result that is showing. Anyway, I went about my normal morning and then had a nap with my daughter for about 2 hrs. Finally when I woke up, I was able to move my bowels(sorry if this is too much information!). So once I did….about half an hour later, I weighed myself and that’s when I saw the difference….where the scale was now reflecting what I was feeling in my body – that I had lost 1kg(if I STS, I would’ve put the feeling down to more inches having fallen off). I went up and down that scale 10 times. I made sure that it was correctly adjusted and everything you could think of.lol….Out of those 10 times – at least 6 out of 10 showed the one kg loss and the rest of the results were about 200-500g off.

So, have I cheated? Or have I made sure that a true reflection of my weight has shown this week, instead of next week showing that I’ve had a BIGGER loss, which wouldn’t actually be the fact. What I mean is, if I recorded 200g gain and next week I lost 1.2 – then this is really accounting for my bloating at the time that I weighed at 7.30am…does that make sense? Am I justifying or is this legitimate? I think at the same time I am looking for ways to sabotage my results because this week’s loss is my first milestone – 10% reached as well as another 5kgs down – which I am to reward myself for!

I thought about jumping on the scales again this morning…but then went against it because I usually peek on Monday mornings anyway and if I have somehow cheated myself…then, it will show on the next WI. Although, I don’t feel that I have. Think I am just having a hard time accepting that I have reached my first WW goal more than anything. Also, I think I had been beating myself up over the weekend more than I cared to admit. Although I have indulgent weekends since being on WW, this is the first that I had where I blew all my points in one day with food and alcohol being the culprits. But I also have to recognise the fact that I did get back on the wagon. I again ensured that I stuck to my PPs for the day and flushed my system out with a lot of water! Funny enough, if I didn’t indulge that w/end, I feel that I could potentially already been in the 80’s – but no use dwelling on what might have been, got a great result regardless.

So this morning, I finally made the steps to reward myself for my 5kg mark/10% reached with a book that I have been wanting for a long time called The Secret of Shamballah by James Redfield. Felt awesome after I ordered it…and can’t wait to get it next week 🙂

To end this post, my gratitude list over the last week:

  • Yet another loss of 1kg
  • Ensuring that I drank a lot of water
  • Rested a lot by listening to what my body needed
  • Worked out for at least 3 days this week so far 🙂
  • Picked myself up after my bro’s birthday/girl’s weekend
  • Priding myself on the fact that I am not turning to foods such as cakes & biscuits when I am down
  • Continued amazing support here on this community
  • Reaching my 10%
  • My episode from 2 weeks ago has so far been diagnosed as mere ly a chronic migraine and not at all a stroke…thank goodness!
  • Rewarding myself with 50c in my piggy bank for every w/out

“You cannot create a new reality while looking at your current reality – you need to change your vibrational alignment right now!” ~Abraham


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