10/3/2011 – My Thinspirational 7 day Detox Plan

Ok, this is what I’ve decided to do as part of Lent
(I am not religious but my boys go to a Catholic school, so we are all choosing something to give up for 40days)

For 40 days, I am deactivating my Facebook account – and to be honest, I am not on it that often anyway, since I have this great community 🙂

My mini one is for 7 days to detox from the following(not only better for my health but also hopefully help give me a weight loss boost – after a loss of 200g today – which is great, don’t get me wrong, but I wish for more than that to meet my goals!) + my body feels like it needs some kind of clean out:

  • Coffee & tea(drink only herbals)
  • Alcohol(been rarely drinking it anyway and it’s good week, as there are no social events on the calendar)
  • White bread & bread products(which I am already doing anyway)
  • White rice(substituting with Brown Rice, must add brown rice to shopping list)
  • Refined sugar(won’t be too much of a task as this is already in practice)
  • Salt(don’t like it much, so easy)
  • Fizzy drinks(very rarely have it anyway, so doable!)
  • Bottle cordials & juice drinks (hmm..the juice could be a challenge but I never drink cordials – can definitely do it)
  • Sweets(not much into lollies anyway)
  • Chocolate(only time it’s a challenge is around that time of the month, and luckily it’s not that time in the next 7 days!)
  • Margarine(so rarely have it anyway!)
  • Sweet biscuits and cakes(my weakness,but I will be strong!)
  • Crisps & salted nuts(all good!)
  • Canned fruit & vegies(could be a challenge as I use canned vegies in cooking, will need to be mindful of that)
  • Processed meats such as burgers & sausages(can do!)
  • Sugary cereals(already cut out)
  • Sweet fruit low fat yoghurt(already in practice)
  • Ice Cream & Lollies(easy!)
  • White pasta(hmm, making note for shopping list)
  • Pre-packaged convenience meals(don’t like them anyway)
  • Sauces & gravy mixes(ok…I can do that – not much into many sauces except for Peri Peri!)
  • Take-Away foods such as pizza & Chinese (they both give me indigestion like you wouldn’t believe anyway!)

So there are a few challenges there, but there are a lot of them already in practice so I am seeing this as a great detox week! Will update my progress 🙂

By Pas Cee Posted in Health

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