11 April 2011 – It’s the simple things…..

….that motivate me! Well, especially since Friday night, I had been feeling very ordinary. You know when that TOM is just around the corner and no matter how much you workout, you still feel blehhhh???

So here are a few things that I discovered during my weekend:

  • I put on these Size 12 pair of jeans that I bought from Millers about 5 years ago – they were actually my first Size 12 after I got down to a 12 the last health exchange. I don’t really know what came over me to do that but I did know that they were quite generous in their sizing, so maybe it really is a 14. Anyway, I put them on as I wanted to know how much more I would need to exchange in order for me to fit in these jeans. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I was happy to find that they went over my butt to begin with.lol. Although I would struggle for breath if I was to button them up, I feel that I only need another 5kgs to exchange for them to fit…it maybe a little snug, but it’ll fit! So that made me feel great!
  • Same with a pair of trackies – which are a 14 & hipsters, would definitely fit in them in 5kgs time!
  • It’s amazing what a difference in your mind it makes when you’ve left one decade to go on to another…as in being in the 90’s and now on the top end of the 80’s. I also put on this size L dress that I bought from Cotton On(one that can be worn over leggings) when I was pregnant – which accommodated for my belly at the time. When I wore it after I had Anjalia, it also accommodated for my butt!!!And always put a jacket on over it. Yesterday I put it on to take the boys to the library, not thinking that I actually hadn’t worn it for a while & to my surprise again, it looked so much better. I know there’s a lot more to lose on my hips, but so much has been exchanged. And my tummy looks ALMOST flat…compared to what it was. Even hubby said it to me in bed the other night………….whilst talking guys……………..get your mind out of the gutter..lol…he said, “Hey look, your tummy’s gone down heaps!” That brought a big smile to my face indeed 🙂
  • Last night, hubby gave me a compliment whilst wearing the above mentioned dress and said, “You’re shrinking baby!” Awwww felt so nice!!! I said, “Thanks for noticing..helps me to know that I am doing all the right things!”
  • Other things like my everyday leggings are getting looser and a denim jacket that is a size 14 but had been tight on me for a while, now is nice and loose…and I CAN button them up around my chest!
  • I also worked out the other day that I need to exchange at least another 10kgs to be in the higher end of my healthy BMI! So that is a great goal that I am looking to achieve

So with all these little things, simple things, yes, they are things that don’t show on the scale. Really the scale is just a number to gauge your progress but so are all these other things that I have shared with you on this post.

These simple things are helping me to stay focused and on track. Helping me to push myself and do that workout that I might not feel like doing. Helping me to push even though my TOM is telling me to just eat whatever I want and worry about it later. I make sure to remember(more when I am not an emotional, irrational wreck lol) during that time that I do retain more fluid and I do bloat, so trying on these clothes yesterday by chance helped me to get through that, seeing that there are results, massive results, regardless of the scales.

Apart from the mood swings on the weekend, I did remarkably well with my PP allowance. I still have 30PP left…Only had 1 glass of wine for the whole weekend. Did have to compensate with some alternatives for my cravings, but made conscious choices! Very happy with that 😀

WI this week will be with measurements – so looking forward to see how much of a difference there is from 6 weeks ago 🙂 Just had to share this with you all today. Thanks for reading.xx

I am responsible for MY LIFE, MY FEELINGS and for EVERY result I get! ~Bob Proctor


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