11/3/2011 – Day 8 Reflections

Here I am @ Day 8…the days have really gone so quickly yet it feels like sooo much has happened internally and externally.

Firstly I wanted to update you with my 7 day Detox plan – I feel I am going well so far. The real test will be tonight and tomorrow night, if I can resist having a glass of wine with hubby. Right now I am feeling good about it but as I said, my moods do change by the end of the day – instead of being happy with what I achieved, I nit pick at all the things that I could have done or should have done! Can get quite frustrating….coming on here before I go to bed helps me to get things into perspective and that’s why I wake up with a better attitude 🙂

I had a bit of trouble deactivating FB because I have a page and group on there as well, so it was more trouble than it was worth – so only option is WILL POWER… I have done it in short spurts before – the most was 14 days I think, so I can do it! FB is my major time waster, hence the giving it up so that I use that procrastinating time more effectively 🙂

So…I just came up with this idea – that for at least one of my reflections entries, I wish to list all the things that I am proud to have achieved in the last 7-8 days. As a way to help me stay focussed, grateful and proud of myself!!!

  • Recorded everything I have eaten this week
  • Activity points haven’t always been eaten(for at least 2-3 days)
  • Making conscious healthy choices and decisions
  • Exercised from Sunday to Friday(will have a break on either tomorrow or Sunday) and being sure to get outdoors at least 2-3 times a week of that workout
  • Learning and discovering more healthy choices that I can make
  • Started this blog (on here and tumblr)
  • Making new inspiring friends on here
  • 200g loss
  • Feeling the inches dropping off
  • Facing many of my fears -ie finding out my BMI

I think that is all for now 🙂

Short and sweet entry today…

I leave you with another of Louise Hay’s affirmations(I love them!):
“I lovingly take charge of my body NOW. I nourish myself each and every day!”

Thanks again for reading.x


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