14 April 2011 – Day 42 Reflections


Post ImageI am having major trust issues right now!!

Between my body and my scales!

My scales are only 4 months old but they were the cheapest scales you could buy from K-Mart! So I have noticed today that the reason why I keep having to go up and down the scale 10-20 times, is because the scale keeps showing me a different result everytime I get on it. I have to adjust the darn thing and step up on it exactly the same way that I did previously. That’s just crazy..so after my TOM is over(which finally came today!), I will go to my sister’s house and use her digital scales and see what it tells me! Hopefully I am on the right track. What about if it’s totally wrong and I am not in even in the 80’s? OMG, I will scream & cry if that’s the case. lol

When I weighed myself this morning, initially it came up as one figure.. I thought, ok I’ve stayed the same. But I thought I would make sure of it. So got off, re-adjusted the needle to where it should be and hopped back on. The scale then showed me a much lower figure…WHAT THE? Anyway, after and up and down result for another 10 times, I decided to wait till later and came down to do my measurements and record them on tracker.

My measurements after 6 weeks are as follows:

That’s pretty great for 6 weeks, right!!?? I am quite proud of myself with these figures. I have decided to measure myself every 2 weeks from now on because it does help to give me more incentive 🙂

Initially, I had recorded the lower WI as my exchange but I didn’t feel right doing it. So I waited a while and weighed myself again about 1.5hrs later…..and after several weighs and what seems to be the most logical to me, I decided to only record it as a 200g exchange. Taking into consideration that my TOM would most likely be weighing me down at the moment. I think it is better than I record that this week and reflect the difference in next week’s exchange.

So all in all, am I happy? Yes I am happy. I really expected to STS…so 200g is great! I know that my food choices have been less favourable than usual because of my cravings, even though I have been sticking to my points and not overdoing the allowance..and been a lot more tired too! I know things will change and I will see a greater exchange next week!

Remembering also, all the other things that I have blogged about – all the small changes that are contributing to my health!

My gratitude list this week:

  • 200g exchange(better down than up)
  • Had 2 days rest which helped me to catch up on some much neglected issues
  • Realisation that there is a lot more ways to determine my health exchange other than the scales
  • Participating in more challenges
  • Giving back to the community really allows so much more room for receiving
  • Great people & support
  • Listening to my body when it demanded the 2 days rest and allowing myself to have it instead of badgering myself for it
  • My beautifully supportive husband
  • My boys supporting me by asking how many points for everything now 🙂

“Positive thoughts & actions ALWAYS generates positive results!”~Gay Hendricks


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