18/3/2011 – Day 14 Reflections

I planned to write this blog all day long yesterday but was very distracted by working out my rewards system – which is more important anyway..hehe. So after writing the Rewards blog, it’s already after 12am…..

Today was a HAPPY day for me as I hopped on the scales @ 7.45am and was pleasantly surprised by a ONE KILO LOSS. 

I am so proud of myself right now – really what helped me was not giving up even after I fell off the wagon on the weekend. Better yet, even though I ate into the pro allowance points – it was all actually great healthy choices and without realising it, in moderate portions. I kept up the exercise and I brought variety in my exercise plan too – which helps keep me motivated to keep doing it for 6 days of the week.
Since the 10th of January, I have lost 8kgs to date. 2 more kgs to my 10%!!

What a journey it has been so far – not just on the physical aspect – but the emotional, spiritual and mind aspects too. Everyday, there’s a new challenge to overcome. And everyday, I feel stronger! Yeah, sure …there are the down days, down evenings, but the thing that I have to look forward to everyday is that the sun comes up again in the morning – and most importantly, I am ALIVE & HERE to see it!

So this week, I am grateful that:

  • I have continued tracking
  • Lost 1kg
  • I exercised 6 days out of 7
  • I picked myself up after an indulging weekend
  • mostly stuck to the 7 day detox I devised(except for the wine, but hey, made up for it as no wine all during the week!)
  • I’ve had no cakes/biscuits for a week(I had a small piece of fruit cake earlier and realised that I don’t miss it…sooo darn sweet!)
  • I am losing more inches(especially around my waist handles)
  • I am feeling more and more clothes getting looser on me
  • I have supportive, encouraging friends on here
  • I cleaned my desk so that I can undertake many projects that I have in the pipeline(more will be revealed later)
  • I have increased my water intake

My 2 week journey on WW so far has been all that I wished for – full of support & encouragement and love and friends.

Under normal circumstances, would probably think of so many more but it is after 12.30am and my bed is calling me.

Leave you with Leon Nacson affirmation which I have on my vision board:



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