18/3/2011 – Rewards

Today I have been busy gathering information on what would be great reward ideas for every 5kgs that I lose. I posted this on the message board on WW and came up with so many great suggestions – so great, that I thought it deserves a blog all on its own, before my usual reflection blog.

So here is a summary of these great reward ideas:

  • 20 put away in a bank a/c for every 1 kg loss – if 500g then $10 etc (this is my own that I started today!)
  •  50c – $1 in a jar or piggy bank as recognition of every time I exercise (I exercise 6 days a week – so in 6 mths, that’s $72 which I can contribute towards a massage or spa or facial)
  • Shape eyebrows
  • New hair colour & style
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Massage (Definitely a favourite of mine)
  • Pair of shoes
  • Jewellery – Rings, Pandora bracelet and beads, earrings
  • New jeans(I dunno about this one… I have about 5 pairs in my cupboard that I would like to fit back in first which are size 12)
  • New runners
  • New sports wear
  • Gold class movie tickets
  • Save for a holiday
  • Clothes (my idea with the $20 per kilo is to have a possible mid-way spree and/or a shopping spree @ goal!)
  • WW Digital scales
  • Day spa (I am seriously considering this one as a mid-way reward-which will be when I have lost 15kg)
  • Bags
  • Exercise aides such as waterproof mp3 player, iPod, nice water bottle
  • Make up
  • Coloured magnetic photo frames(a reminder of each achievement on your fridge – maybe with a pic of your changes in each one)
  • Op Shop Blitz (can get many new clothes @ cheaper prices)
  • Donating the money to charity of choice
  • A nice new dress
  • A nice new fruit bowl (encouraging buying of fruits & reminder of how close we are getting to our goal)
  • Me Time bath with candles and soft music(this one was suggested at every week’s loss, if no time, a 5kg goal could be rewarding)
  • Weekend away with girlfriends (I am having a road trip with my sister in law next weekend for my brother’s birthday in Ballarat – I am considering this as a reward for what I have achieved so far – to date = 8kgs off since Jan 10 :-p )
  • Session with a personal trainer
  • Girl’s night out
  • Book/DVD/CD you’ve been dying to get (hmm as I am writing this, got an idea that there are a few self-help/personal development books that I have been wanting, so may make these my 5kg markers – still undecided though)
  • Treat yourself to a class you’ve been wanting to do (My idea is coming from a pamphlet I found yesterday for yoga classes which is perhaps another idea for 20kg loss marker reward – I do yoga at home but would love to spoil myself to getting out of the house to do it once a week)
  • Stationery/candles/incense
  • Scrap booking progress

I must say that this has been such a worthwhile exercise for me – it has helped me to get a little clearer on what my goal posts will be and what my rewards for them will be. It’s quite exciting actually!

Meanwhile, What are your rewards – love to hear any that maybe different from what I have listed here 🙂


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