24 March 2011 – Day 21 Reflections


Today was weigh in day – another loss of 1 kilo was staring at me on the scales this morning!

I was so dreading it! After all the weekend’s drama with my health and not being able to exercise for 3 days, I really thought it was going to be a very small loss. COULD NOT wipe the smile off my face. lol since I was feeling soo good and really too excited to go to back to bed, decided to do my 1 hour yoga @ 6.30am 🙂 Felt great…I wish I could get up and do it at that time everyday!!!

I do have to admit that to counteract the fact that I couldn’t exercise, I did make some changes that I hoped would help me. What were they, I hear you asking?

  1. Made sure that I ate within my 30PP since Monday(following Weight Watchers program)
  2. After a weekend of indulgence, I ensured that I didn’t eat any more into my PP allowance
  3. Making a start on measuring my foods more(which I have only really been guessing)
  4. Made sure to eat only light meals as snack before bed – sometimes even only opting for a glass of warm milk(which I have read is a whole lot better to have if your’re having trouble sleeping)
  5. Ensuring that I am online – helping others whilst seeking help for myself – via blogs or forums (this is not really a change, but I have been doing it more this week as I needed the lift to get over the weekend’s events)

And there you have it – just 5 very small changes but really they were changes in the direction of a positive outcome and I am glad that I was able to see what was needed to make these changes and actually followed through with them. In the end, it all paid off.

Only 1 kilo to 10% & 2 kilos till I am down to the next decade!!!! 😀

My health? Well I’ve had my neck ultrasound – which is all fine. I am still waiting to hear from Monash to have MRI, which I hope to have next week. Then I will probably need to see a general neurologist, as I had to 6 years ago. Where I am sure that he will end up prescribing me these hard core pills for my migraines again! Honestly, this is not the avenue that I wish to take this time around – providing I’ve had all the necessary tests and all is clear, I will go and see my Naturopath instead. This is what I should have done the first time, but I wasn’t to know then. Because this whole migraine thing is partly stress related as there are a lot of family issues going on but mostly related to my hormones recovering from another pregnancy. I am not a big believer in pharmaceutical medicines as the solution to everything for my body – naturopathy has worked wonderfully for me in the past (together with meditation, yoga & positive thinking) – I love it as it is natural and non-evasive.

Anyway, enough of that! So this week, I am grateful that:

  • Tracking is becoming more and more of a habit
  • Another 1 kg is down
  • I exercised 4 days out of 7
  • I did my best to pick myself up after yet another indulging weekend
  • Although I did have bit of muffins here and there on the w/end…cakes/biscuit have been kept to a minimum for a week (as I have mentioned before, this is my weakness, so this is an achievement all on its own)
  • I am losing more inches (this week I have noticed that my towel wraps around me more; I can almost see my private area past my stomach LMAO; and I can feel my ribs sticking out when I lie flat)
  • I am loving the way a top that I bought a while ago from Cotton On is starting to look more like it should on me
  • For the MASSIVE support on this community and all the beautiful friends I have made and keep making everyday
  • I know where I am heading (having a clearer picture after the weekend’s event – you can do SO MUCH thinking being in a hospital for 10 hrs!)
  • My water intake has increased and I believe it’s contributing to my losses
  • I have supportive hubby & children – love them to bits!

“The key to bringing your body to a new place is to SEE it differently from the way it is and focus on the body that IS coming!” ~Abraham


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