28 April 2011 – The inevitable gain has finally happened….


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…it was bound to! I mean really, I have been pushing my boundaries for a couple of weeks now! Some may see this as an excuse but I have to say that it has been an emotional roller-coaster for me the last two weeks and because of that, I have to say that I am proud of myself for not allowing it to be worse than a 500g gain!

Apart from the fact that it was Easter weekend – and I have to say that I was quite great with all the planning…until dinner at my sister’s on Tuesday night – that was the push over my allowance pps. Just went crazy eating salty/spicy foods and drank 3 wines! I also had my niece’s dessert that she made – something that I usually make and had to taste what hers was like. lol. The thing is I knew that by Tuesday night, I was falling back into emotional eating. Isn’t that an achievement? I could actually see myself doing it and stopped myself! Remembering how I will feel afterwards if I was to keep going(and believe me, I could’ve kept going on my binge). There was a lot of self talk going on this weekend – telling myself that I would rather keep the feeling of gaining my health and slimming body than the feeling of utter disappointment after binging.

You’re probably wondering why I allowed the emotional eating to even TRY to rear its ugly head in my plan… well, as you all know from my last post about my health update, I will eventually be making a decision about what I should be doing about this aneurysm. I think the worse thing about that week was that I had held back on telling my sister about it and that was cutting me up inside as her and I tell each other everything! Although I had noted that I would tell her in my last post – I decided to wait until she was done with the Run 4 kids and allowed her to bask in her achievement. Then, just when I was thinking about making a time to talk to her about it all, she calls me to tell me about my 47 year old cousin in Mauritius who had a massive asthma attack, she ended up going into cardiac arrest at the hospital and went in a coma! I don’t recall exact dates as such – but it all started on the 13th of April – cardiac arrest was around 4 days later. She seemed to be responding to medication in between but never gained consciousness – she finally passed away on the morning of Saturday 23rd of April.

Even as I type this, it send shivers down my body. I still can’t believe she’s gone! I wasn’t that close to her despite that, she was my family. It hit home more so because of everything that has been happening with me and the fact that she was SO YOUNG! Sadly still, that she left behind her 13 year old son. Anyway – so as much as this is not an excuse – but just to show how much stuff that happens in our lives affect our moods, emotions and state of mind – so we are bound to fall off the wagon every now and then.

Still, despite all this – I have really stayed on track – just ate more than I should have on one day – but I did exercise EVERYDAY(Well Sunday was a leisurely stroll in the park, yet I was still moving). I have stepped this up a bit this week too as boys are back to school – so on top of my regular DVD workouts, I am walking to and from school. To make it even more fun, hubby is home this week so motivates me to do it even more as he wants to get back into walking too 🙂

Not having blogged last week – as I felt like I really needed time to reflect and be there for my family – I feel like I have so much to say and can see the counter dwindling down very fast already.lol So all in all, I knew that the gain would happen this week.. I could feel it in my body because of the emotional heaviness I have been carrying around but at the same time, the exercise as been helping me to lift out of this in a massive way!

Also, I measured myself this morning and it was good to see after looking at 500g gain. I have exchanged a total of 5.5cms in 2 weeks! And most of it around my hips and my waist!!! I am soooo happy with that.

When focussed, NOTHING gets in our way 🙂


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