4 April 2011 – Positive Attitude – it changes EVERYTHING


Post ImageAfter writing that blog this morning, it had me thinking most of the day.It was an entry I had to let out of my head otherwise I would’ve festered on it by myself and made it into something bigger than what it was. The reason why I joined WW in the first place is to ensure that I don’t do this on my own and use the support around me as much as possible!

Funny enough, after writing the blog – I actually shook myself up and instead of wallowing in self pity all day long. Making excuses as to why I should just sit on the couch and eat – I got off my arse and took my daughter to the doc’s by walking for 40mins(20mins up and back) and later on picked up the boys by walking to school for another total of 40mins. A total of 6 activity points for today. You will laugh to know what actually motivated me to do it – it was actually that I felt that it was necessary for me to put something down for my activity for today on tracker as well as feeling accountable to do it for challenge of doing 30mins everyday. I felt so much better for it afterwards. A little sore but hey, I have a lot of maccas to work off.lol

Whilst I was walking, I also remembered that in the tracker I didn’t account for the fact that I danced for the whole night at the wedding..so even though I didn’t do a workout that day, the dancing surely was a workout as I was working up a sweat! So I added this to my exercise tracker which brought down my negative figure a little more. And I am happy with the decision I made on Sunday morning to get up and go for that 50mins walk with my sister.

And also, although I was panicking when I wrote that post this morning – mostly as it was at the time that I was recording everything I ate and just thought OMG…WHAT HAVE I DONE!? – the truth is that I had a great time on the weekend. I was so happy to be with family and so happy to have some time out with hubby – this being our first time that he and I have left the kids since Anjalia was born almost 7 months ago. So I don’t regret it. I wanted to have fun and I did..tremendous fun and I am not going to punish myself for that :p

Even though I did eat a lot of unhealthy foods on Sat & Sun … I was still very aware and conscious of the decisions I was making with the foods. Therefore, I think that this will actually help me towards, at the very least, an STS and not a gain. It’s all about the positive thinking and using it to turn a potentially bad result to one more to my liking. That is what has partly helped me the past couple of losses….It’ll take hard work, but I am seeing that change is on the horizon, so time will tell.


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