6 May 2011 – Rolling out of Week 9 into Week 10


Post ImageI can’t believe that it’s been 9 weeks already since I have been on WW!!!
I am really ecstatic with my results so far on this journey:
Today’s WI = 1.5kg exchanged for my health
Activity points earned this week = 47 (my biggest yet and only ate into them on Sat night)
Exchanged to date(from 10/1/2011) =13kgs
Cms exchanged to date = 32cms

So I made up for last week’s gain and topped it up with this week’s exchange of 1kg. I was so determined to turn that figure around. What motivated me the most last week was having my hubby home – so I was doing my normal DVD workouts and then walking with him to pick up the boys after school as the weather was permitting! This week, I think I only was able to do that on Tuesday, after that, it’s just been getting too cold for bubs. I know I can rug her up and everything, just don’t have the heart to do it. She just lays there and feels that wind on her whilst I am getting warm by walking. Anyway, that’s how I am feeling right now but I may change my mind if I am motivated enough to do it 🙂

Basically, that is what I did differently – I upped my workouts by another 40-60mins a day. But in a smart way. Not by doing everything in one session. I do my workout dvd in the morning, then if weather permits, walk to pick up boys in the afternoon, then later on the evening jump on the Wii Just Dance 2 and sweat it out whilst having a boogie! Just got this last week after it was recommended by my bro. I am so glad that I did. I am having loads of fun doing it. There’s a Just sweat section – which you can begin with a mild program = 1 song a day, tough program = 3 songs a day or Advanced program = 6 songs a day. Mild was just too easy..so quickly moved on to tough and now I am already feeling ready for Advanced. It has a lot of songs that I love or that are simply great to listen to. Anyway, I have found my other form of exercise which doesn’t feel at all like exercise but by God does it make me sweat! It’s great!!! I had set up a 6 week workout plan which I am doing the last of that cycle next week and beginning a new one the week after(which will see the workouts stepped up again).

Another thing is that my scales seem to be more stable and in sync now. I weigh myself on both the rotary one and the digital one for the decimal.

Also my motivation for this week definitely came from meeting a few of the lovely ladies on the Melbourne-ites group. A couple I often chat to and others were completely new. We had coffee(well I had chamomile tea) at a cafe in the city from 2-4.30ish. It was amazing to meet so many inspirational women. No matter what stage everyone is, everyone contributed something of inspiration to me. I was on a high after the meet up and I rode that all this week. lol I mean can you imagine the momentum of exchanges if we were to meet more often to support another…the dynamics are just not the same as going to meetings. Then came today, where I was totally tired after a week of intense working out. But I listened to my body, took a 1.5hr nap instead of doing my planned aerobics and later on jumped on the Wii for 30mins of dancing 🙂 My body was grateful and I felt like it was rewarding to have that much needed rest. To be honest, it’s more my mind that has me so tired because my head has been filled with so much crap lately and I think that my sleeps haven’t been as restful as they should be.

I will update on my health in another blog after this one, so meanwhile my gratitude list for the last 2 weeks as I didn’t have one last week:

  • 1.5kg exchange this week – what a mighty effort on my part
  • Feeling that energy wave of change and riding it to my advantage 🙂
  • Resting when necessary
  • Meeting with the Melbourne girls on Sunday
  • Looking at my gain in a positive aspect and taking charge to make the necessary changes this week
  • Meeting new people and connecting with more people on here
  • Stepping up my exercise plan
  • Taking affirmative action on other fronts towards my health

“What U do today, can improve ALL ur 2moros!”


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