6 May 2011 – Supplements


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I went to my Naturopath on Friday, and told her what’s been happening and this is now my supplements intake daily – with some additional benefits information that I thought would be good to share here:

Tackling health issues:

  • Vitamin C(recommended to always have this as part of my diet(other than foods that contain it) – 2 in the morning)

Not only is Vitamin C great for the common cold & immunity, but did you know that it is also a powerful & effective antioxidant, been shown to lower blood pressure, lessens hypertension, provides proper dilation of blood vessels, lowers your blood lead levels, and helps fight cataract by increasing the amount of blood flow to the eye? Well I certainly didn’t – I have only ever used it for the first 2 benefits.

  • Hawthorn tea or Red Clover tea(at least 3 times a day)

Hawthorn tea is a heart tonic.The herb is used to improve cardiovascular function by increasing blood supply to the heart, reduces resistance in arteries & improves extremity circulation. I have been advised to drink this heavily infused(strong) – I drink this after lunch & dinner.

Red Clover tea may help with premenstrual symptoms, reduce bad cholesterol levels, may help in the flow of blood to the arteries & veins and help with inflammation & infection. I drink this as my morning tea instead of regular tea with breakfast.

Tackling migraines and hormone related symptoms:

  • Omega 3(1 tablet x 3 times a day)

This little tablet has a lot of health benefits ranging from cardiovascular to pregnancy to diabetes to improving ones mental health from such things as depression, bipolar, alzheimer’s, etc…

  • Magnesium fibroplex(1tsp Morning & Lunch in water or juice)

Helps with migraines, muscular pain, cramps & weakness, fatigue, stress & blood sugar maintenance.

  • Mixed herbs(including Hawthorn – 7.5ml 2x daily with water)

I tell you what it tastes disgusting but you do get used to the taste after a while ..just have to drink it very fast! lol This is to help regulate my hormones and moods after having another baby. Helping to bring my mind & body back into balance.

So there you have it, my cocktails of supplements everyday. I have devised a plan near all of these but I am pretty much use to it already and slowly feeling the benefits. She did tell me that it would take approximately 2 weeks for me to see clear results.

Some Louise Hay affirmations to finish off this post:

I care enough for my body to nourish myself with all the best that life has to offer
I learn about nutrition because I am a precious being, and I want to take the best care of myself.
My body is special – different from all other bodies; therefore, I learn the things my body assimilates the best.
I learn everything I can about food & beverages.
I pay attention to what I eat & drink and notice if something does not seem to agree with me.
If I have something to eat and an hour later I fall asleep, I realize that the particular food is not good for my body at this time. 
I search out the foods that renew my cell and give me good energy. 
I bless all my food with love & gratitude.
I am nurtured & nourished. 
I feel healthy, happy & energized.

“I nourish myself each and everyday day and take loving care of my body now.”

By Pas Cee Posted in Health

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