7 April 2011 – Day 35 Reflections

Post ImageO M G!!!!!!!!!!! Believe it or not but………..
Whooop there it is….
900g Exchanged today!

10.9 exchanged for my health to date!

(I have decided to change language of weight loss, for health exchange – as language is everything when you want to keep improving positivity in your life!)

I am so happy. Been walking on cloud 9 today. With a little bit of stiffness from all the walking and yoga! But how worth it was it? So worth it! I am so proud of myself, for sticking it out. Even after my big downer on Monday..which only ended up lasting a few hours and a soon as I got out there for my walk, it’s like the endorphins just took control and been riding on them ever since!

I had to work so much harder than I had in the last 3 weeks but I am so glad I did it. I was thinking, my gosh, if I put this much effort in another week and controlled my allowance intake(much easier when home)…I could possibly get double that next time? It’s a possibility. With all the dedication I have shown the last 4 days…all I need to do is keep the momentum going and I could definitely at the very least exchange another 1kg! I actually was invited out for my cousin’s birthday tomorrow night but I declined. Mainly because I know how things turn out when her and I get together…not so much food wise, but drinks wise! We go ballistic. I think I’ve had enough fun to last me a little while from the last couple of weeks. Quiet drinks at home on a Saturday night is much better to control – as is what I eat when I get the munchies :-p

It did again take me going up and down a few times on the scale – I was so amazed to see the under 90 result. I was stunned actually…made sure of it about 10x!LMAO

So what did I do differently from other weeks that I blew my allowance or felt like I indulged a little too much(which I really didn’t, just me and the guilts taking over)? The biggest difference was exercise really – I walked everywhere that I had to go locally…whether it be to the school, the doctors and the shops. It actually felt amazing and with such amazing Melbourne weather permitting at the moment – taking full advantage!

From Thurs 31/3 – Wed 6/4, I ended up walking a total of 34kms and burning a total o1798 calories = 34 activity points for the week! This doesn’t include calories burnt from Sunday walk on the beach as I didn’t bring my pedometer with me then, as well as the Saturday night boogie!

Other than that, just like I have mentioned before – made sure that I stuck to my 30 daily points(which I am now on 29 after today’s weight exchange), drank LOTS, and I mean LOTS of water, ate sooo many salads and stayed away from bread & rice just for the last 4 days(as they do tend to make me bloat more after indulging). By today, I needed the rice and had a very small amount for dinner as well as rice cakes for lunch 🙂 I also didn’t eat into my activity points because I thought it best to keep them and make up for the negative 28 points in my allowance. Must have been a good strategy as it worked!!!

So there you have it…. to end another happy WI post, here are the things that I am grateful for over the last week:

  • 900g exchange…WOW
  • Stepped up my workouts
  • Contributed to the environment by waking to most places
  • Changed my attitude even faster than I have before
  • For the massive support here(I know that I write this every week, but it always comes from the bottom of my heart and just needs to be mentioned) Everyone is really amazing here…couldn’t do it without you all
  • My 50c exercise piggy bank is growing nicely
  • The challenges that I am participating in as they are keeping me soo motivated and accountable
  • Other people’s inspirational blogs that keeps me going(I would rather reach for a blog than a chocolate on a downer day)

DO NOT look for immediate measurable physical results – instead LOOK for improvement in your mood, your attitude & your emotions. When you FEEL better, you are more in alignment & everything else will follow!” ~Abraham(via Esther Hicks)


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