8/4/2011 – Positive Language is equally important as Positive Thinking!

“As you think, so you are!” ~William James
Many of you have probably heard this quote before and it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it? That basically you can improve your life simply by changing the quality of your thoughts.

“Everything we are arises with our thoughts.” ~Buddha
This is a concept that arises in many religions and tells us that we only need to look within to change our thoughts. It’s a choice. Even though we are inspired by others’ progress, goals and words, in the end, we make the choice to make the change. The vision of me as Slender Pas is not only on my vision board for this year but also in my mind at all times. When I see the success of someone’s Health Exchange, I see myself and that is what keeps me going. The person represents where I know I will be in 12 months time.

I create who I am and I have the power to change who I am in a single thought much like you all have the same power. By choosing to consciously think positively, we end up living a divine life – that being one on the path that we truly wish to be on.

I am sure that everyone has caught on to the buzz of The law of Attraction in the last few years. Where the law tells us that whatever you spend your time pondering, is what you will attract in your life. The law is not prejudiced or biased – it will work for both POSITIVE & NEGATIVE. Therefore it’s important to be aware of the thoughts that you ponder on and recognise whether it’s a positive or negative.

Much like positive thinking is vital to the Law of Attraction, so is positive language. So what is it that needs to change in order tell our unconscious mind exactly what it is that we are looking to achieve? And what words can be omitted from our language that will help us in the long run?

Firstly it needs to begin from a place of gratitude and imagining that we are already there…so to name a few words like I want, I wish, I should, I can’t, it’s too hard present themselves as limiting to our unconscious mind. Therefore, when you say I want, you will get the manifestation of wanting, the feeling of wanting but not actually what it is that you are seeking to achieve. I wish will only have you wishing and wishing it all away because the word wish pertains itself as imaginary and out of reach, therefore, the dream will always be an imagined one and not become a reality. I should, I can’t & it’s too hard brings in anxieties and pressures on yourself that eventually bring you only to self sabotage. Do you see the picture?

So how do I change it you ask?

Well as you are wishing, wanting and whatever else words you can think of – you are actually storing all your wonderful manifestations in your unconscious but your unconscious mind does not know what to do with it unless you guide it. How do you do that? You see and visualise yourself there right NOW! The belief of past and future also inhibits our manifestations, there is only NOW… so NOW is the time that you realise your dreams. Write down your vision of yourself at the exchange that you are aiming for, fill it with love, gratitude, immense emotions, and be PRESENT. Be there now in your mind, in your body & in your soul. Let it all rise up as you write it all down. Once you’re done, type it, make it a poster, whatever your creativity feels is best and read it everyday. Take time out to be that person that you think is so far out of reach, right NOW. We all know that person, cause that person comes out every time we have have a health exchange, every time that dress or jeans fits..that feeling is what will manifest all that you desire!

A snippet of my vision:
Today is the 8/12, I am at the beach, walking with my head held high – loving my new and improved healthy body. I love the way that I am moving with ease & such freedom.


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