9/3/2011 – Day 6 Reflections

WOW.. I can’t believe that I am already @ Day 6 of Week 1

The first couple of days was certainly a challenge and a half but I got through it. I knew that all I needed to do was at least get back into my workouts and everything else will fall into place. Joining WW has helped immensely too – I am loving the community support and tracking my progress through the tracker and through this blog 🙂

Yesterday, I was feeling great in the morning because I have been keeping up with my exercise plan and also finding it a lot easier to stay on track with my Pro Points via Weight Watchers. That was most of the day, but then by the evening, for some reason I sometimes feel like crap! I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and see my huge butt or arms and it goes all downhill from there. I keep telling myself that every little bit counts towards this butt going down…guess that’s what’s motivating me at the moment.

Whilst on a 30 minute walk yesterday (I drive to the shops and then walk from there to the school and back with the boys at least 2-3 times a week) – I made up this walk anthem! lol Quite funny as the kids were laughing at me. Well , as I am walking I make sure that I focus my walk on the muscles that I want to build up and where I want the loss to happen most(a bit of NLP there).

This is the words I made up to the chorus tune of Happiness by Alexis Jordan

Tummy Hips Butt & Thighs
They’re going down and down
Oh Haaaaapiness for Pas
Tummy Hips Butt & Thighs
They’re going down and down
Oh Heaaaalthiness is good

So that was one way to cheer myself up and focus on my goal – yep , there is a silver lining in everything, always a positive way to look at the most negative circumstance or situation. You can all feel free to use it and see if it helps you stay motivated on your walks or workouts…I love the song and I find it really catchy so the anthem has become quite catchy too..hehe

Yet, I have a new negative circumstance I created this afternoon. I decided to go and calculate my BMI and face the truth. And the truth, is hurting like hell right now because, for the first time in my life, I am in the Obese side of the scale. How devastating and How scary. I never thought I would be there, yet, here I am!

I am glad that I didn’t decide to work the BMI out from the start,  when I was totally not in the right state of mind – although I am still not happy about it and could do with some cheering up 🙂 – the state that  I am in now, is to use it as my motivation. Move beyond it and get it down to at least out of obese to start with!

My sister came over to work out with me today – which is so great and keeps me motivated having the company! We were talking about how skinny I was in 2008 when I had got down to 68-70kgs. And I remembered how OBSESSED  I was with losing weight back then. I was on some diet plan ALL the time, if I wasn’t, I exercised like mad. 7 days a week, HARD CORE! It’s no wonder I ended up looking the way I did – well, looking back, I looked great! But when I was there, I didn’t see it. I always picked out the flaws and kept pushing myself. And what for? Really all because I wanted to be how mothers are portrayed in the media. I wanted to be liked! Was I conscious of this at the time..I have to say No..I thought I was just being healthy and looking after myself!

What ended up happening in the end? I gained most of it back before I fell pregnant with my daughter Anjalia in January 2010. Why? Because the motivation of other people’s opinion no longer served me! This is why, this time around I am only focussing on what I wish to look like and what I am happy with – and making sure that I am doing it with massive SELF LOVE – a task that is actually quite challenging, hence the reason why I am using courses to help me find that self love, inner peace and emotional balance.

Ok, I think I have rambled on enough for today’s blog.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share 🙂


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