Friday, 18 March 2011 – OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!

This will hopefully only be a very short entry…one that I just HAD to share!

Today, when I was getting ready to take my daughter to have her 6 months immunisation – as I was in the shower, I was thinking of what I could wear. What I really wanted to wear was jeans. I LOVE JEANS…but I haven’t worn them for a while now – probably since I was 5 months pregnant was the last time. I thought about what jeans I could possibly fit in at this time and the only ones I could think of were my maternity jeans.

Now this may sound crazy..but after I had my daughter, I could hardly get these jeans past my thighs. At one stage, I could get them on but they were crazy tight under my belly and would literally kill me when I sat down in them… I was quite confident today that these would fit me…so I put them on … AND THEY DID. I WAS SOOOO HAPPY! I mean, I know they’re maternity pants…what achievement is that? Trust me, it’s an achievement, they are quite tight around the hips and does have that extra material for the belly…which I don’t fill – it reaches all the way to under my bra! They are size 14 🙂 Even though my butt has a fair way to go, to get down to where I like it…it still didn’t look too bad in the jeans.

I thought – what a motivator! What a great stepping stone! I inspired myself! lol I am getting there!YAY 🙂 That feeling was reward enough for all that I have achieved so far. I love that feeling. I am looking forward to many more of them!

Ok, I said this would be short and probably went on a bit more than I thought I would…but when you’re excited…the words just flow..hehe.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share with you all.x


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