Transferring to new blog

Well I decided to leave the WW blog nest and actually use this not so new blog that I have had sitting here for years instead. Mainly because this  blogs allow more room to write…whereas the WW blog only allows 4000 words. There are days that I just feel like writing and writing and  having that limit really interrupts my flow.

Thanks to Aimee(bubba-licious) for leading by example and pushing me to do this when I had it in mind to do for a while but was just being my usual procrastinator self! lol So I will be only posting introduction on my WW blog with link to this blog for full read.

So I would love you all to come and follow me on my new blog.

This is also my opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support and always such encouraging comments and advice. You all play such an important part on my thinspirational journey..more than you realise 🙂 So thank you


2 comments on “Transferring to new blog

  1. Hi Pas,
    Am looking forward to updates of your progress & sharing our learnings as we move toward our Healthy Weight Range. We have about the same weight to exchange & are at the same weight now. I am so pleased to be on this journey with you.
    Gems xo

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