Dancing & boxing my way to a healthy exchange!

WOW..It has been a while since I posted!

Life has been soooo incredibly busy that I am having to purposely set aside for time with my thoughts and reflection of my exchanges. I have so many blogs written in my mind – and time will need to be allocated to write them for you all to read.

So firstly, I thought I would start with my WI in the last two weeks.

Week Ending 19/5/2011


I was very happy with that after an STS the week before.

Did I do anything differently? Mainly I changed my exercise plan to include at least 3x a week of Tae-Bo s well as dancing sessions like Zumba,  Wii  JD#2 & MOS Pump it up & Burn it dvd. Doing these have given me a massive amount of activity points! I earnt a massive 53 activity points that week. And this gave me the incentive to make the next week even bigger.

Other than the exercise plan, I also planned my meals ahead in the planner. And I tell you what, it helps immensely to know what you’re gonna eat for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and having the remaining points to play around with for snacks. Quite liberating I found.

Although, I had written a couple of blog entries ago that I would measure myself again on this day, I decided to leave it for the following week and accept the measurements for what they were at the TOM.

What was I grateful for in this week?

  • I have to say the momentum in my exercise
  • My willpower(something I have always said that I don’t have, but I am amazing myself more and more each day with how much I can do)
  • Billy Blanks
  • Friends on the community

Probably could list so many more, but you get the idea 🙂

Week Ending 26/5/2011


I was totally amazed when I saw the results on the scale. Don’t get me wrong, I knew how hard I had been working, but didn’t expect to see such amazing results, so quickly! This week I earnt 90 activity points! No wonder! lol. This was again, lots of dancing, tae-bo, ministry of sound(MOS), Wii JD#2.

This was also the week I went and gave a bootcamp class a go with a friend of mine.  I was so terrified about going to that class. I was sooo close to not going at all as I was suppose to go with my sister, but she pulled out at the last minute…and if it wasn’t for my husband pushing me and telling me to just go and get outta my comfort zone, I would’ve stayed home, feeling like crap. So I took a deep breath, got in the car and drove there…met up with my friend and once we got started, about 10mins into it, I had the biggest smile on my face. Why, you ask? Because I was proud of myself, for having gone out of my comfort zone by going to the class alone and allowing me the chance to meet new people and have a different kinda workout from just staying home and having my instructor on a screen 🙂

I love the class. And right after, was her Zumba class which I enjoyed immensely also. My plan is to incorporate this in my weekly workout, every Tuesday evenings – although I won’t be able to go this week as my husband has something on that night.

What was I grateful this particular week?

  • Firstly that I stuck to my exercise plan and food plan
  • Planned quite well for outings and ensured that I counted everything
  • That I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to the Bootcamp/Zumba class
  • I am finding FIT Pas all over again(She is the one that helps my metabolism to stay high and eat what I wish at the same time as exchange the kilos for my health via exercise)

My measurements were also amazing:

ARMS : -1cm;

 HIPS: -1cm;  

Waist: -3.9cms;



Well I am going to have to leave this post here, as it is 1.08am and sleep is overtaking me. I hope to write these other entries that I have rustling around in my mind very soon.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my thoughts and reflections 🙂


4 comments on “Dancing & boxing my way to a healthy exchange!

  1. That was an amazing two weeks for you Pas. You have increased your exercise immensly – and worked around a bub at home and school drop-off/pick-up too. Glad you have found some fun ways to earn points too. Well done 🙂

  2. Well done Pass, nice to see you blogging again….going to use your enthusiasm to try and do 3 classes at the gym today…spin this morning, fit ball this afternoon and yoga tonight!!! giving me a total of 27PP for today. HOPEFULLY!!!! I’ll give it my best shot and report back at 9pm tonight!

  3. LOVE IT! and I’m so going to have to start some sort of dancing/zumba/boxy type routine to my repertoir! 🙂 I can’t wait til 19th … see ya soon! xxx

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