The positive influences of Oprah

When the farewell shows for Oprah was on TV, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it so I downloaded the very last show a couple of days ago and watched it yesterday…and I really feel like I need to blog about what I got out of the experience. It’s not directly to do with this journey, but in some higher aspects, it is!

Firstly, I have to admit that until more recently, I never really watched Oprah. I always saw it as a tiresome reality TV show in the same realm as the likes of Jerry Springer. Probably when I did catch it every now and then many years ago, that’s how it actually was. So I just basically stayed away from watching it unless there was someone really interesting on it or I was intrigued by the story whilst switching channels. I personally, never understood why people put her on such a pedestal and believed her to be almost like a “God”.

But since the shows that she did in Australia, I found myself switching her on in the afternoon whilst feeding my daughter. I found myself developing this massive respect for what she does and the energy that she emanates to the world. She really is a shining example and really has done her job with the utmost passion and commitment in the last 25 years.

The final show didn’t have any guests, only Oprah, basically talking about her learnings and sharing this with her viewers as well as continuously expressing her gratitude for the support she has received for her show over the years. It was truly touching and inspiring.

It helped me to finally have an answer for something that I have been searching for, for a long time. I always wondered what my purpose on earth was? What was I sent here to do? What is my calling? I always believed that it HAD to be something big. But watching Oprah today, I heard her say:

“Your platform, stage, talk show is where you are showing people exactly who you are.”

Connect, embrace, liberate & love somebody. Begin with one and spread to two and keep spreading.”

Those two quotes just there were so powerful to me because I began to think that perhaps my platform is already in motion. At home, I run my own class for my kids. I am their ultimate teacher until such a time that they start searching for it in others for the things I can’t teach them. My other platforms are my blogs and my spiritual/inspirational groups where I share quotes and inspiring words  that have inspired me with others. It’s where I feel  I can open myself up and allow some of my humility to come through which can in turn help someone else along the way.

Anther quote she said:

“Start embracing the life that is calling you and use your life  to serve the world!”

Again, such a stab in the heart these word when I heard them come out of her mouth. It was as if she was speaking directly to me. Since last year, I completed a Massage & Aromatherapy  course which since having my daughter, has been left to the wayside due to time restrictions. Although, I am feeling such a strong pull to get this going but at the same time, there is so much fear involved. Start embracing life, that’s what I need to apply so that I can better serve the world. The whole idea of taking these courses was to eventually start practising them at home. Having a baby definitely delayed that but there’s no reason why plans for it should not happen. I feel like this is my other platform to serve the world, waiting for me to step up and allow.

When I went to see my Naturopath a few weeks ago, she told me that I should really do something with what I have learnt and put into practice. She said that you will notice that the experience is not only about giving but also about receiving . She is also a remedial massage therapist. She also said that she sees that I would be great at it…the thing is, I do see that too but at the same time, I am finding myself allowing the fears take over all my thoughts and pushing the idea further and further away. There are many fears involved, one of success, one of failure, one of lack of knowledge, one of not being good at it,etc…. But then I heard this quote from  Oprah’s show:

“We ofen block our own blessings because we don’t feel good enough, or smart enough or pretty enough or WORTHY enough. You are worthy because you are BORN & because you are HERE NOW!”

Today, I watched the farewell spectacular surprise shows. What an amazing end to this part of her humanitarian dedication. To see how much she has helped to inspire others…the thing is that I know that Oprah doesn’t see that SHE has done it. Only that she has been the messenger for all those people who needed to hear the message in order to change their lives. It’s so easy for us to put a person on pedestal and feel that we would be lost without this person because we feel that they have helped us so much. But in the end, Oprah is a representation, a reflection of what we are ALL capable of. She is an example of what we can be in our own lives. It doesn’t need to be in the form of being a talk show host or having our own network but whatever purpose it is that we have a calling.

Deciding and realising in order to step into our power can be the easiest thing . But it’s the trials, tribulations and tests of time that truly help us to grow and shine as the enlightened, empowered souls that we truly are…every single one of exceptions!

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.x

“Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying?” ~Oprah


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