Caring for your Body!

Yet another blog entry I have been wanting to write for a while now…and I guess I held back from it a little since I was going through my monthly downer in the last week.

This is part of a monthly checklist that I had shared on a group I had on yahoo for a long time but I have tweaked it a little to include more recent information.


Are you nurturing your body on a regular basis? Because the physical is absorbing the energies of change of the world around you, it’s not about you. It’s not yours. But the body takes it in. It stores it until you, as the Master of your own temple, say “I don’t need that anymore.”

  • Release it through breathing. Releasing it through yoga, tai-chi or any other light, non-abusive exercise. Make this part of your weekly exercise regime at least once to twice a week.  Good, healthy, energy movement and flow that gets you breathing. Drinking liquids, especially important right now for your body. It helps to flush out so many of those energies. In a way you’re like a magnet. You pull, bring in these energies and then they go resident in your body. But they don’t need to be.

So the breathing and nurturing of your body. What is nurturing? Getting a massage. That’s good. It’s not just about the massage, it’s about doing something for yourself.

  • Eat what you truly like! Stop worrying about overindulging or any other of those strange things that you’ve had before. Your body knows how to clear itself if you let it. So nurture your body. Feed it something that you like and that it likes.
  • Being in the water with your body, in a bath or ocean or a lake – a body of water – particularly if you can add the salt or if the salt is already there. Natural salt helps to detoxify. These are not your toxins, so don’t own them. Don’t keep them. Don’t feed them. You’re just picking them up from the world around you and it’s going to intensify because of all of the changes on Earth. So, make sure in your checklist, are you nurturing your physical body? Love your body. Nurture it. Accept it for exactly what it is.
  • Drink PLENTY of water(at least 8 glasses a day)
  • Eat lots of proteins and many small meals throughout the day(this would cease the need to binge)
  • Have plenty of rest  – be sure to give yourself a regular bed time(I admit that I don’t practice this as often as I should!)
  • Put yourself first and know that they universe will follow your lead.
  • Remember your precious feet..they often get neglected. Soak them in foot spa at least once a week to help de-stress them and as form of gratitude to them for sustaining the vigorous workouts and running around that your week may have entailed(especially when you are a mother!)
  • Be out in the sun or lie on the ground. Heaven & earth are great conduits for balancing, healing & rejuvenating
  • After each shower, especially after a workout – give your body love by moisturising every inch of your body, thanking your body for being such a wonderful home for your soul and your mind. Affirming your appreciation for its magnificence as you nurture your body with your moisturiser.

The following Louise Hay affirmations are great to use for the above – you can do them all or pick one which you resonate with the most that day:

“I am in tune with my body.”

“My body is always working towards optimum health!”

“I accept my uniqueness. I rejoice in my uniqueness. I am special & wonderful. I love and approve of myself!”

“I maintain my healthy perfect weight. My mind & body are balanced and are in tune. I activate and maitain my perfect weight easily & effortlessly.”

“I take loving care of you(talking to your body)by eating & drinking healthy food & beverages. Thank you for responding to the love and nurture I offer you everyday.”

  • Meditate as often as possible! (Something that I need to re-introduce into my routine )

There is a misconception that meditation is only when you are sitting down with your legs crossed, up on a mountain or a secluded area, transcending yourself in another place.

Many people prefer to meditate while moving around. When meditating like this it is important to ensure that the physical activities are an expression of inner attentiveness, not a distraction from whatever we are experiencing. The activity is done slowly and attentively.

Examples include walking, swimming, and doing something repetitive that is not distracting (washing dishes, digging in the garden, sweeping…).The activity is not the purpose – it is a means of focussing and holding attention on inner processes. 

Meditating every day at around the same time can help you develop a regular habit and make it easier and quicker to slip into deeply meditative states.

There are different types of meditation:

  • Concentrating on the breath – consciously noticing the movement of air in and out of your nostrils, or counting the breath in various ways.
  • Mindfulness – cultivating awareness of inner experiences (bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts, memories…) and simply observing them.
  • Emptying the mind – allowing the mind to clear and ‘float’, gently pushing aside any stray thoughts, or allowing thoughts to float in and out of awareness.
  • Looking at an object – focusing your attention, but not necessarily your thoughts, on the shape, sound and texture of an object such as a tree, a candle flame, or spiritually significant painting or ‘diagram’.
  • Movement – using a physical technique like yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi to still the mind by coordinating the breath and the body with gentle movement.
  • Using a mantra – repeating a word or phrase over and over, either aloud or silently, perhaps timed with the breath, to focus the attention and release different energies that benefit our bodies and minds.


No matter what type of physical exercise you do, you can use creative visualization and affirmations to help you get maximum benefit and enjoyment from it.

For example if you like to run, picture yourself running very swiftly, smoothly, and tirelessly. If you dance or do yoga, put your awareness in your body, in your muscles, picture them relaxing and strengthening, see yourself becoming more and more limber and flexible.

Use creative visualization to improve your abilities in your favorite sport, imagine yourself becoming more and more accomplished until you are truly excelling.

Affirm: I love exercising my body. I am strong, limber, and physically fit.

By Pas Cee Posted in Health

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