Successfully leaping into Week 15

I am happy to report this week’s exchange of one(1) kg!

It hasn’t been an easy week, I can tell ya that much but I got there….Well halfway there.

As per my goal on my challenge “6 weekly SMART goals” – I have yet another 1.4kgs to go! Although there are only 3 FULL days left before Sunday(which is my niece’s Deb).

So what am I gonna do about it?

Well, just keep doing what I have been doing for the last 3 days(which from my sneak peeks at the scales, was when the change happened) – which is exercise(although today I have been kind and rewarded my body with a nice long 65 mins of yoga)and following a Kick Start plan that I turn to when I need results or wish to detox my body – this consists of mostly soups, vegies, fruits & nuts for 7 days. Works everytime, when I have the patience to do the big cook up 🙂

Do I think this maybe a little ambitious?

Yes, maybe but I am sure willing to give it a go! I will be extremely happy even with another minimum of 500g as that would actually put me in the ball park figure that I was aiming for! So time will tell and the weekend is coming up, so that will be the true test for me.

I did try on the purple dress that I plan to wear to this Deb on Sunday and was quite happy with how I looked and felt and in it last week..So this week will be even better 🙂 I also tried on a summer dress that my sister gave me when I was 5 months pregnant – it’s a size 14. Have been trying it on every month or so and I am happy to report that it now fits me beautifully. I would wear it out in public now if I but it’s too cold, so by the time Spring comes…hmmm may have to get it taken in…hehe. My Miller’s jeans also are fitting a whole lot better. I wore them to cousin’s house on the weekend and could sit in them without opening the buttons and could also drink & eat in them, without having to undo the buttons. Now that’s PROGRESS!!! 🙂

I am still contemplating putting progress photos up. Was planning to do it last week but I chickened out..mainly because of the fact that the pics end up showing up in Google pics and I don’t feel too good about that fact. Still undecided on that one and who knows, I  will probably change my mind – maybe once I hit the halfway mark.

So going back to my victory so far….

To date, I have exchanged 16.6kgs since 10th of Jan 2011(24weeks) and 10.2kgs since I joined WW on the 3rd of March 2011(15 weeks)

As of today, I have 3.4kgs to exchange until I am halfway to my goal 🙂

Today was also my 2 weekly measurement day and I am happy to report:

-1.5cms from my hips

3cms from my bust

-2cms from my thighs

And the rest stayed the same 🙂

My activity points for the week = 89

Did I do anything differently from last week?

Well first and foremost, my attitude and morale were a lot better! So that in itself has given me the motivation to stick to my all eating & exercise plan. And funny enough, in the last week,  I actually had two rest days – one last Thursday because I was just feeling low and my body really felt like I needed it and the other on Monday was the final release of all the moods and hormones built up from last week! So, I am just realising this myself as I am writing this – only  5 days of exercise and I still got great results! And that is mainly from the fact that I have been listening to my body and only pushing myself when I am feeling like I am up to it and giving my body a rest when it’s telling me to.

Definitely that one day of Bootcamp & Zumba really helps give my body & my metabolism that boost that it needs. I know from past experience that in order for me to see any kind of decent exchange, I need to have challenged my body somewhere along the way(and ensuring to nurture it in between too). Therefore I am glad that I have added this into my exercise regime and apart from that – it gets me out of the house and away from the kids’ dramas for a while 🙂 It feels awesome afterwards, that’s for sure.

Now I have just been reading my last entry about deprivation…and perhaps people who read this(if anyone will think that I have contradicted myself by adopting the Kick Start plan this week….So I want to stress that I only do this one week at a time and only when it feels like my body needs the detoxing after having too many processed foods or chocolates or whatever else I needed to fulfill my monthly cravings. It actually feels quite refreshing. I do slowly go back to normal foods, like breads, rice, pastas, meats, etc… after the 7 days(it’s all in built in the plan)….and any treats that I feel like….all in MODERATION!

Little one is stirring in her cot, so I best finish this off with my gratitude list for the week:

  • Listening to my body
  • Caring and nurturing my body
  • Growing to accept and love my body more and more EVERYDAY
  • Exercising to the voice of my body
  • The supportive essence of the WW community
  • The massive progress I am making to fit into my old clothes again
  • Blogging
  • Keeping up with weekly rewards
  • Finding my mojo again

Be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell. ~ Bill Copeland


One comment on “Successfully leaping into Week 15

  1. Your doing an amazing job. I wish I had your motivation and willpower.
    I’m slowly getting there. I’ve started the C25K running program to bring my fittness up but working around food all day by myself is making things so hard.

    I like your idea of a Kick Start plan.

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