Catching up over the last 2 weeks

I am planning my usual back to back Bootcamp & Zumba session tonight – usually I would have done something at home also to make up for not exercising yesterday but I decided to allocate this much needed time(whilst my little Angel sleeps) to post in here as well as set my new goals – I have a picture of where I am going in my head but it’s not enough – it will need to be written. Meanwhile, I feel like I need to reflect over my achievements so that I can stop beating myself up so much. I need to release all that I have in my head into this post – so that I can start fresh!


At the end of Week 15, I had an exchange of 400grams

At the end of Week 16, I had an exchange of 200grams

To date, total of 17.2kgs exchanged

Measurements have also been kind:

(3.5) cms from my hips (must be all that Zumba shaking .. hehe)

(1.0)cm from my bust

(0.5)cm from my arms

The rest remaining the same!


All in all, when I think over the two weeks, it’s a miracle that I exchanged anything at all!

It’s been a bit of a downer 2 weeks for me – even though I have kept working my butt off with exercising – my eating habits have been slipping and it seems that this is reflecting in my exchanges being so small.  The downer has mostly come from the fact that I had set myself two goals for the last 6 weeks that I didn’t meet. Well I got close to my first one and eventually met it but the last goal I am still dancing around. Seems to be a pattern that after every 5kgs exchanged…I hover – especially when I am SO close to moving forward into the next decade!

On the bright side of things, I did have a great experience at the course that I went to 2 weeks ago which helped me to get a better perspective on things. This course involved goal setting and reprogramming my thinking. But like all things, if you are not putting it into practice then it’s just more paper and another folder to add to my shelf.

I had it in my mind to tackle all this by the time I returned from the 4-day course/seminar but it seemed like I had already given in to some kind of self-sabotage on the way. Last weekend, I went to a concert with my brother & brother in law & hubby with respective partners and although I did my best to plan my eating(which I still believe that if I didn’t, it could have been so much worse) – but I had a few drinks(not really sure how many .. too many to mention I’d say)and that tends to inhibit the healthy thoughts. But I have to say, that even through all that – my drinking was so much less than I have done in the past. Then on Saturday night, I had a Hen’s night to go to with my sister – and there I downed another 3.5 champagnes but over the course of 6 hours. The food choices again were not great so this could all catch up with me this week if I don’t get on to it soon. Let me put it this way….There were a lot of junk food choices. I did over indulge and it was not unconscious…it was all done very consciously…so for anything that scale reveals to me this week, I will take full responsibility(Thanks to SoulGoddess for reminding us all of this through her experience). Either that or have no WI week!

The other thing that has been getting me down in the last 2 weeks, is my scales. I have two that I weigh myself on – a digital & an analog one. Most of the time, they are in complete sync but the last 2 weeks, they haven’t been so much. I am having step on and off like I was doing with the analog one a few months back, to get some kind of a reading. I know that I should look into getting a new one but I am not able to fit this into my budget at the moment, so will just need to deal with the scales issues. Otherwise, I could give em up all together! lol There’s also been the fact that I have become obsessed with weighing myself everyday again. I was so good for so long and only weighing myself on the day that I have allocated and sometimes on Mondays – just to know what I am dealing with until WI day. But lately, I have been catching myself doing it everyday – when I wake up, after breakfast , in the afternoon. OMG…it’s become an obsession. It’s no wonder I am not able to move along any faster no matter what I do!

Sometimes, I have to admit that I feel like throwing those scales. Because I could feel so great in my body and really feeling the changes happening – expecting that the scale will reflect the same – and then down goes my mood once I see the minuscule result on the scale. I know that I need to account for muscle and water retention and that time of the month etc…but you all know that it’s a really challenging thing to accept when  you’re going through it yourself. It’s always so easy to give people advice and snap them out of it and I love that I can do that – I just wish that it always works on me. Thankfully, there are so many amazing ladies on the WW community that help me to feel better very regularly and it is reciprocated! You know who you are Ladies.x



So What I have I learnt from my last 2 weeks experience?

So much! Mostly that it is very important for me to write down my goals and in the way that I have been promoting on the 6-weekly SMART goals but I have some extra steps that I will share with you all once I have done my own. Having these written goals and little milestones to reach for each week is also important. I am realising more and more how important it is to not deprive myself…So far I have been saving my 49points for the w/end but I have decided to start using some of these for during the week as well, so that I can indulge in a small treat here and there…because by the w/end, it seems like I am kinda heading for a bit of a binge and sometimes it doesn’t stop. Last weekend’s indulgences are taking while to wean from but I know that I will get there!




Have I been able to find things that I am grateful for in the last 2 weeks?

Oh gosh, yes! So much! A lot of it not WW related but I will share some anyway;

  • Resting my body and still listening to my body
  • Seeing myself in situations that I have in the past behaved poorly and this time being able to come from a wiser and more mature stance
  • Being grateful for those past poor behaviours because if it wasn’t experienced, then I wouldn’t be able to now recognise how much better I can be
  • WW community 
  • My exercise buddies 🙂
  • Bootcamp & Zumba on Tuesday nights
  • Meeting new people & making new friends
  • Getting closer to old ones
  • Seeing myself through other people’s eyes
  • For the small exchanges


“Only YOU can make yourself happy – No one has any control over anyone else’s happiness!”

~Matt James



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