Long overdue update

It’s been so long since I wrote here, I thought I better update . Life has been so busy and the weather has been so amazing that I have been ensuring that my daughter and I are out of the house as much as possible!!! At the same time, my health exchange plans have been going on a downward spiral…let’s start with an update first:

Week 23 – 12th of August 2011 = 600g exchange

This is the week  that I finally reached my 20kg mark exchanged…and I mean FINALLY….it took me a while to get here but I finally did it. Was so happy with myself and my achievement. I went out and did some shopping for some new clothes – which I needed for my sister in law’s birthday the next week as well as needed to have some new tops to wear on jeans. This is the day that I bought my red dress on WW profile. It felt great to be able to buy clothes and feel good in them. This red dress was a size 14. I almost went for a 12, which would probably have been ok but I think my mentality is still in the 14’s at the moment. Plus I am more of a 14 at the bottom and a 12 on top.

Week 24 – 19th of August 2011 = 400g exchange

This week wthas another amazing milestone as I finally entered the 70’s. I said “Hello there,  it’s been a long time!!!” It felt great wearing my red dress on the night of my sister in law’s birthday. Had an amazing time and danced the night away!

Week 25 – 26th of August 2011 = 200g gain

What with a whole lot of sickness and stress going on in my life…this result wasn’t really a surprise and it was that time of the month! But the amazing plus was that I was still walking (left behind the hardcore stuff this week) and that seemed to help me more than I thought it would. The weather in Melbourne was improving this week, so more walks to and from the school were happening again. God, I LOVE SPRING!!!!

Week 26 – 2nd of September 2011 = 800g exchange

Now I am well and truly in the 70’s – I will be even more happy when I completely see the back of the 80’s! Every now and then my weight fluctuates(yes, I had been peeking more than I should have been in this week. I was sick this week and hardly did any exercise at all. When I did, I eased myself back into it with some yoga by Jillian Michaels and then back to walking in the beautiful sunshine as much as I can!!!

Week 27 – 28: 9th   –  16th of September 2011 = STS

Two weeks of STS…and probably heading to another one this week.
I have no one to blame….which I shouldn’t really be playing this game..but I know exactly why I am here. I have lost all my mojo and motivation to keep going. I reached the decade that I have been wanting to be in for months and now that I am there, and only on the edge of it…I seem to be celebrating there for way too long. Instead of moving along and aiming for my next goals.
I am not going to deny that I have been having fun along the way – I mean that is something that I vowed to do from the beginning and that is one goal that I have been living up to. Meanwhile, it maybe that I need to admit that this very goal is having a hand in sabotaging my other goals…my most important goals of exchanging another 19kgs.
I have been really happy with throughout all this STS is that I have been maintaining my exercise, even if not for 5 days a week, at the very least 3 times a week. If I am to put a positive spin on this, I certainly have mastered the art of maintaining my weight for almost 3 weeks. The best news is that as time is going by, I am seeing that hovering between the two decades less and less. That has been motivating me, but then I get in the mode of going out and drinking and then it takes me 2-3 days to get back into the swing of things and by the time I do, it’s WI day again..hence the STS.
Other than that, this week has been lead up to my TOM and this has been proving to be such a massive bullet in my journey. I know that the reason why it is all affecting me so much is because I stopped taking the tonic that I was having from the Naturopath – which I had been told that in order to keep my hormones under control I will most likely need to take this for the rest of my life, but in the meantime, it’s not cheap. Ok, that was the excuse that I was telling myself anyway, and then I realised that in the meantime I am making sure to find money to go out and to drink, and to buy clothes, etc….so I really need to get my priorities right!!!
So…. Exchange to date =21kgs exactly
I have not been measuring myself for all this time – no reason, just been forgetting to do it first thing in the morning.
I have been really happy with how my clothes have been fitting me. It was my daughter’s first birthday on Friday and we had her party on Saturday. I was able to wear the dress that I was wanting to fit into from the beginning of this journey – it’s a size 14 and yes it was a little big on me, but I was just happy to be able to wear it…as I love the dress. Unfortunately, that day – I don’t think I too any pics of me in it…strange for me lol…I think my sister may have taken some pics of me in it as I was holding my daughter at the table when cutting the cake. Anyway, I did feel fabulous in it! Even if I was 4kgs off the goal that I wanted to be at by here 1st birthday….
It’s like I know I am so close to meeting my next goal but I keep sabotaging it…I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I live in my head too much. Sometimes, my positive thinking takes over and I forget that the action needs to follow to SEE the result…not just FEEL the results!!!
Step 1 towards recovery:
I have been motivated by one of my friend’s health exchange blogs where she’s been taking pictures of herself every week in a bikini – so I am seriously considering making this my method also(don’t know about the bikini tho….lol) – not necessarily for the world to see, but for myself first and foremost and decide later whether or not I would like to share this.
Step 2 towards recovery:
Received Michelle Bridges Crunch time Lose weight fast and keep it off in the mail last week and now it’s time for me to apply it along with what I already know – mostly because I am aiming to get as toned as possible before the end of the year and I think that she can give me those results!

So my next goals are as follows:

To reach my new BMI of 29 by the 1st of October(78kgs)

My new 6 weekly goal = 74kgs

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs (one week before we leave to go on our BIG family overseas trip!!!)

I am not sure what else to write here now, mostly because my head is full of ideas at the moment that I feel I need to go and put into action asap…well at least before my daughter wakes up from her nap…and also because I think it’s best to go and pour my energy in the positive steps to recovery rather than wallowing on what I should have done to date. … what’s done is done, now it’s time for me to move on….so it’s time to close this blog off with my usual gratitude list:

  • The WW community – including status messages, blogs, challenges….even if I haven’t been as active as I’d like but it’s great to know that  I can always come back at any time and people are still so supportive even throughout my failures
  • Meditating(which I was really getting into when I started the Chopra meditation challenge and fallen off the wagon as I fell off the Health exchange wagon)
  • My old clothes fitting
  • My supportie family
  • Time with my daughter at home
  • Reading
  • Michelle Bridges 12WBT(this is because I had been considering doing her program, but realised that it wasn’t worth it, not only because of the price but also because I do have a system and community support right here on WW – but she helped me to realise this and allowing me to explore other avenues to help me get out of this slump I have found myself in)
  • Completing my studies(which now means that I have to take action and applying this to what I want to do)
  • My Mother in law, who looks after my daughter whilst I do shopping on Tuesday mornings at the market – ensuring that I get to buy the freshest fruits and vegies and motivates me to eat it

So to end, some inspirational quotes:

You can accomplish far more than you have, & you will ~ Og Mandino

The moment you start complaining you instantly stop the flow of positive energy into your life. ~ Jeanette Jenkins



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