Onwards and downwards I go!!!!


It’s only been three  weeks since my last blog…I am improving!!! 🙂

Let’s start off with the stats:

Week 29:  23rd of September 2011 = STS

I predicted this from my last blog, as even though I was making sure to eat as healthy as possible – the dirty habits that I had picked up again(cakes & biscuits) were still around but I was slowly looking to replace them with alternatives. This whole week was dedicated to slowly changing things, getting my mindset right … most of all, picking up my exercise days again. Being the first week of the holidays as well, it was a slow process but one I knew I would win because I could feel my mojo coming back

Week 30:  30th of September 2011 = 800g exchange

On this week, I kinda followed a plan that my sister had – which was a 14day plan,  that had been working for her and so I decided to adopt some of the principles, as well as what I already knew. This week, I was ultra motivated and ready to tackle this thing…so I used this week as my planning week. I cooked up two recipes of soup(Lentil soup & Chicken soup) and froze them – made up 14 days worth. I have a food plan for every week for the next 10-11 weeks. The exercise was improving again…doing lots of walking with the kids as well as my regular dvds. I sat down and worked out a plan for the next 10-11 weeks on my calendar and I plan to stick to it like there’s no tomorrow this time around!

Week 31:  7th of October 2011 = 1.4kg exchange

OMG…How happy was I to see 76.8kgs on this morning’s scale!!! I worked hard for this and finally the scale was reflecting it 🙂

Not everyone would agree with this method, but I felt like I needed to give my body a boost and a cleanse. This is what has worked for me from the beginning of this journey. The two options were to do the lemon detox or a week of the Biggest Loser shakes & soups. I decided that I didn’t want to not eat altogether, so I went with the shakes option. I have a shake everyday for breakfast and I play it by ear as to whether or not I will have it for lunch or have soup instead. For example, on Thursday I went out to lunch with the family, and I had the shake instead of buying food out. On Friday, I had rice paper rolls with chicken & prawn instead of the shake for lunch because I had done 40mins circuit and 1hr walk and my body was demanding some kind of carb to sustain my energy levels. So as you can see, I am being smart about it and not being so  stringent that my body goes into a state of shock.

So…. Exchange to date =22.8kgs (2.2kgs to total exchange of 25kgs!!!)

Been a long time since I measured but changing that as of now..and only doing so every 4 weeks

Measurements: Arms -(1cm) ; Bust – Same /  Hips – Same ; Waist -(3cms)

Thights – (2.5cms)

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far and set some new ones along the way:

To reach my new BMI of 29 by the 1st of October(78kgs) – YAY! I have met this goal 🙂

My 6 weekly goal(Before or by the 31st of October) = 74kgs & New BMI of  27.9 – 3 weeks in and I am 2.8kgs closer to this goal

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6(.6 away from being at the top of my healthy range) (at the most!!! – my plan is for less but will be content to leave Australia with this)

I have taken my photo of me in my underwear the first week I said I would but yet to take another since then…well mostly because I felt no change, but now I do. I am also going to take a photo of me in the my size 12 skinny jeans that I look to fit in by 74kgs, I want to see the progress of this one 🙂

I also put on this jumper that I bought not long after I had my daughter…it was  a 16 but for the longest time, it was still a little fitting on me. A couple of days ago, I put it on…because I wanted to wear a warm jumper(needing to at times in this Melbourne bipolar weather lol) and I realised how loose it was on me. It no longer was fitting on my tummy or my butt!!! Felt sooo good.

Other than that, a few people in the last few weeks have told me how they’ve noticed that I have lost weight. And I was sure to thank them for noticing after all the hard work I have been putting into the whole process 🙂 Such an amazing feeling to have it be noticed.

With my exercise plan, I have this now set up in 3 week sets instead of 6 because I found that I get bored very easily..so for the last 2 weeks and next week, been mainly working on my butt and thighs…everything else is in there too, but that’s been the main focus!

I am envisioning myself able to wear bathers whilst I am in Mauritius in December and be proud to show my body on the beach…and wear everything and anything that I want leading up to and when I am there 🙂

I don’t have much more time to write here, so I will sign off with my gratitude list and quote as usual:

  • Having my mojo back
  • Daylight savings
  • My kids loving to walk with their mum
  • Making the choice of walking to the shopping centre instead of taking the car
  • Family and WW community support
  • Breakthroughs of my new BMI and being well into the 70’s(finally!!)
  • Finally receiving my passport for our trip
  • Being able to pay for our trip to Mauritius(can’t wait!!!)
  • How far I have come in many of my goals this year and the future prospects!!
  • Being home and able to share in all my little girl’s milestones…sooo priceless!!!

‎”Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”

– Joseph Campbell

“Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most.”

– John Assaraf



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