YES, for the first time in a very long time, I am feeling skinny…whether or not I am looking like it, is another thing…hehe

So as per usual, I will start off with my stats for the last two weeks

Week 32:  14th of October 2011 = 200g exchange

Gotta say that I was disappointed that week but really I should’ve been grateful for that small exchange as I was fully in the TOM craziness and as challenging as it was, I got through it! With a lot of self talk and yes, still fell down at times, but  I picked myself back up! Yeah, I am pretty determined!!! If anything, this week was a motivation for the next week.

Week 33:  21st of October 2011 = 1.4kg exchange


Am I surprised?


I worked bloody hard for this! Especially yesterday, I did 35 mins intensive yoga with Jillian Michaels, then an hour walk with my sister in law by the beach then 1 hour of Zumba class. Intense! YES…but I loved it!!!

I can feel all the work that I have put in. It’s all reflecting in how I am carrying myself, how I am dressing, how I am feeling, how motivated I am ….etc…

And today(as seen in pic), I can officially fit in ONE of my size 12 skinny jeans…yeah, it is still a WEE bit tight but heading to the comfortable side …by next week(I hope to wear it to my cousin’s first communion), it will be perfect!!! I did say that by 75kgs it’ll fit…well, it is!!!

So…. Exchange to date =24.8kgs (200g to total exchange of 25kgs!!!) WOOOHOO..what an achievement!!!

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far:

My 6 weekly goal(Before or by the 31st of October) = 74kgs & New BMI of  27.9 – I am 1.2kgs closer to this goal and I am looking to be there by next week!!!

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4 – 5.2kgs closer as of today

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6(.6 away from being at the top of my healthy range) 7.2kgs closer as of today

Now I have 54 days from today to reach these goals – which equates to about 7 weeks. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS. With this focus that I have right now and the motivation of seeing my clothes fit so much better more and more everyday…. I can actually feel my hip bones… And when I do the cobra pose in yoga, I can feel my pubic bone hard against the floor. Sounds weird to tell you this but it’s a bloody achievement. I can see my knee bone, my shoulder bone. My hubby told me the other day, you’re fading away, and I said…GREAT! Thank you! He also said that he can see that my face is getting smaller! I can see that too…

So my underwear photos are progressing well, don’t worry I won’t share those ones here.hehe…but I will share one that is not looking how I would like it to look like on me as yet but I was amazed that it fit me when I put it on this morning…I just randomly decided to put it on and I thought, WOW, in another 3-5kgs this will feel amazing on (and I can take it to Mauritius with me!! YAY!!) My size 12 white jeans..a good working progress I am thinking…something else to aim for.

I also tried on one of my other skinny jeans, also a size 12 but tighter fitting and seems to be smaller than the ones that I am fitting in…different label but both were from KMart I am quite sure. That has a long way to go…most likely by the time I am 70kgs, it’ll be perfect! At the moment, I have a big muffin top hanging but I am working on that everyday. So my two motivations at the moment are the white jeans and those skinny jeans. Oh an this green top that I am wearing in this pic, I have not been able to wear for almost 2 years and today, I liked the way that I looked in it. It’s longer than it shows in the pic here, I held it up to see the jeans more in the pic. I am willing to wear the top with black pants at this stage 🙂

I am so excited right now. So glad to be seeing so much progress. My exercise plans have been going great guns. After trialing out a new personal trainer near my area last week – tried out her Zumba class – I have committed to doing my workouts with her as well as my usual home workouts 🙂 So far, all I can fit into my schedule are her Zumba classes and not so much the bootcamp ones but will definitely see what I can do as the weeks go along. So committed to 20 sessions – which equates to about 2 sessions a week which will last me up to and beyond my overseas trip! Looking also to do a Zumbathon that she’s running, who would like to come and do that with me????? Saturday 12th of November 9-11.30am…Also doing lots of workouts with Jillian…I LOVE THE PAIN THAT SHE PUTS ME THROUGH…COZ IT’S WORKING!! hehe

Food plan are also going well…about to go into a more intense one after this week, where I am actually looking to do a bit of a detox – this time around not only a physical one but also for spiritual reasons(been getting back into my other goals that I had on my vision board 🙂 ) So that’d be for only 3 days and then I am looking to ease back into my normal routine.

Ok, I had better complete this post and post it up so that you can all read about my excitement here..hehe..so to close off, my gratitude list:

– my workout with Jillian

– finding new PT in my area(love her, she’s so full of energy)

– finding a connection with my vision board again

– listening to my intuition again

– connecting with my spirit and listening to guidance in other areas of my life as well as my physical aspects

– walks

– awesome weather we had been having in Melbourne(not today 😦

– starting my gratitude journal again

– connecting with WW community and being inspired by my usual bloggers and friends 🙂


I could go and on and on and on and on here but best stop as I do have to go and feed my little one..till next time!!!

Leave you with a couple of AWESOME quotes from Jillian Michaels:


TRANSFORMATION is not a future event, it is a present activity! 





One comment on “I AM FEELING SKINNY….

  1. Your looking amazing, well done. I love going though my old cloths and finding stuff that fits again, it’s like shopping without having to spend any money.

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