Kicking butt into weeks 37-38

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me but definitely in the right direction! I will get straight into the stats to give you guys a clearer picture.

Week 37:  18th of November 2011 = 200gs exchanged

After exchanging 1.2kgs the week before, it seems like my body slowed down, plus I decided to do a lot more walking and some weights this week, which totally helped me too. When I stepped on the scale that morning, it kept telling me, 200g, then 300g, then 400g…this went on 9 times!!! So in the end, I decided to go with the lower end of the scale as I was feeling bloated throughout the week. I noticed that just before WI, I think I stress myself out a little and get all bloated just the day before sometimes…sometimes it reflects on the scale and sometimes it doesn’t! Strange….happen to anyone else?

Week 38:  25th of November 2011 = 800g exchanged

Considering that I had my family xmas party on the weekend, drank all Saturday and stayed up till 5am, ate whatever I wanted on the weekend – I am feeling pretty chuffed with the results – but this is not by chance! No! I actually had control of my mind for once(which is unusual during a hangover lol)..I didn’t choose bacon & eggs, I didn’t choose pizza for dinner, I didn’t choose TOO many fizzy drinks…I am not saying that I didn’t have a couple of fizzy drinks(non-diet too!!!), a few biscuits and amazingly tasty desserts but I did so very consciously(man, I wish I could do that ALL THE TIME!!!)…AS soon as Monday hit, I was back on my exercise and eating plan…hence the great result. Lots of walking, zumba & Jillian!!!

So…. Exchange to date =27kgs  – 27.5 BMI:) = 6 kgs to normal weight BMI

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far:

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4

Well clearly I haven’t reached this and yes, maybe I was a little ambitious here but I am 3 kgs closer with 3 weeks to go until I leave for my trip! I will be pushing hard for this.

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6

I have decided to be happy to leave the country @ 70kgs. The plan is for me to keep active whilst overseas. I know that I will be eating lots of different foods as well as  drinking sometimes and I am prepared for that. So long as I ensure to work out everyday(which will totally be possible as I am staying with my cousin) and there will also be day trips with long walks! I will also have my sister on the trip and she will also be diligent with her exercise …so that will help heaps!!! I am planning to take a 16gb usb filled with my exercise dvds!!! Plus there is a week  before and after New year’s – where we will be staying ON THE BEACH(can’t wait for this) and my sister and I plan to jog every morning @ 6am 🙂

My long term goal is = 61kg exchange – total of 12kgs to exchange = BMI 23

I totally see this as something that I will reach with time – since it’s taken me 38 weeks to exchange 27kgs thus far – I am guessing that it may take me about another 12 – 15 weeks to get to this goal. I predict and visualise that I will return either at the same weight or having lost 1kg at the very very least!!!….that is my aim! Hopefully all the relaxation and family time will get in my system and help things to move along…lol


I went shopping on Thursday – the plan is that I needed a top for an engagement on Saturday night and a skirt or dress for next Friday night when I will go out dancing with a friend! I spent like 45mins in TEMT(love that shop): 2 singlet tops, 2 skirts, 1 dress, 1 lacey over top, 1 frilly top + 1 large pair of hoop earrings later = $68. What a bargain I thought…so many clothes for what I would sometimes spend on just 2-3 items and I got EIGHT(8) things!!! That’s amazing. Plus the best thing was that  I can now look past size LARGE(L) and go for medium!!! That felt awesome. I felt like the world is my oyster, like I had so many choices!!! I missed that feeling. Of course there is still so much work to do, but I am enjoying reaping  these rewards in the meantime 🙂 TOTALLY!! Just need to remember to enjoy and keep moving – NO COMPLACENCY!!!  Plus I have been able to fit into a dress that I’ve had for years and years(and never gets old being a summer dress, as per pic here) and have also not been able to fit in for about 2 years 🙂

My sister and I have started the habit of waking up @ 6am this week to go for a walk/run together! Have done this on Thursday & Friday. We walk up the path through the park – which is about 1.2kms and then run back! Today we went a bit further…I haven’t run for a long time, except for bursts of it when I walk sometimes, but not for such a long distance. I surprised myself at how long I could keep going. IF it wasn’t for the fact that we were restricted by time,  felt like I could keep going!!! This is in training for the plan to jog when we are in Mauritius and also preparing ourselves early for the Kids Fun Run in March next year – where I plan to join her in the 5km run 🙂 I am actually really looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, I am also participating in a 6km walk around the lake in Ballarat on Saturday with my husband and sorta sister in law. My brother is also participating, but he will be doing the 12kms run!!! I am quite looking forward to that one too – it will be so easy, it’s so done – I mean, this week I walked 6.67kms then another day of 8.24kms!!! Got this in the bag! Thursdays are usually my days of hard core exercise, I don’t plan for it to be, but it always ends up that way – did walk/run for 25mins with my sis in the morning, then 1 hour of Jillian core work and then 1 hr of zumba class that night! I was a little wrecked but I went to bed at a decent hour and was able to wake up this morning..barely!!!lol

Ok I have gone on and on here for long enough…I better get on to my Gratitude list for the last 2 weeks:

  • early morning walk/runs with my sis(very special sister time!)
  • Zumba with my new trainer
  • the amazing friends and support on WW community(glad I never really left!!)
  • going shopping and being able to buy size Medium in skirts and tops!
  • bargains
  • getting back on the wagon after a hard weekend
  • appreciating this statement more and more as I experience life: “Perception is projection!”
  • Jillian’s Ripped in 30…I love it, it works!!!
  • becoming an aunty again by May next year(my brother having his first bubba)
  • 19 days and counting to our trip!!!


“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”


“You will always receive what you give – no matter what – it’s the universal law!”



Wardrobe help please….

Ok, I have decided to put the pics up on here, as the way the pics end up on WW profile does not give you guys a true picture at all, so here they are again, replaced option 4 ..since it wasn’t popular lol, with option 5, as requested by Laynah. lol – I think I am going with option 4 so far!!!!???

Option No.1
My size 12 skinny jeans(that fit me comfortably now!!!) with apricot single/top(just bought yesterday – Size Medium!!!) and high heel sandals







Option No.2
Same top but with my size 12 white jeans with  high heel sandals







Option No.3

White jeans, purple singlet top(which looks blue in photos for some reason – and also size Medium) and netty overtop with boots or high heel sandals









Option No.4
White jeans, purple singlet top(which looks blue in photos for some reason – and also size Medium) and netty overtop with high heel sandals


Delay in goal shooting….

The last 3 weeks has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. SO much has been happening in my life socially. I had a goal in sight but it keeps happening for some reason that as soon as I get close to my goal..I CHOKE!! What is up with that???

Maybe choke is not the right word…I think I become complacent…happy with where I am, too busy celebrating and meanwhile forgetting that there is still more work to do!!!

Well let’s get into the weeks’ stats, for more explanation:

Week 34:  28th of October 2011 = STS

I was doing soooo well but then I hurt my back, which meant that I had to slow down on my exercise, that really slows my metabolism down….plus from the Friday onwards, it was busy with social events. Friday night ended up being a bigger night of drinking than I planned. Saturday was spent recovering…no more drinking, but I had a first communion with lots of food and cakes were devoured. Same thing on the Sunday, as I had a baby shower with so many yummy cakes again. Nope I didn’t resist…My mind was already in the zone  that I have stuffed it this weekend, might as well keep stuffing it!

Week 35:  4th of November 2011 = STS

I wanted to be out on the 31st of October @ 74kgs but I ended up staying the same for yet another week…which is miraculous, considering the weekend that I had…I made up for it by a lot of exercise and drinking  a lot of water!My food intake was still not back on track with again another weekend of food and cake for my son’s 9th birthday.

Week 36:  11th of November 2011 = 1.2kgs exchanged

By Monday last week, I had enough and thought, “That’s it! Had enough! Time to get back on track… went back on the shakes to get me back on track as well focusing my exercise on mostly cardio based workouts to shed all that fat intake from the previous weeks!!! So that obviously helped and it always seems to happen that I reach the goal that I was aiming for one week after the week that I shoot for!!! I am seeing this pattern emerging and I am not happy about it. It seems to coincide with my TOM lurking by…as before it is here I have a lot of will and determination…10 days before, I am pretty much done for,as with the last 2 weeks….

So…. Exchange to date =26kgs  – WOOOHOO…..I have finally knocked  the 25kgs out of the park and then some 🙂

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far:

My 6 weekly goal(Before or by the 31st of October) = 74kgs & New BMI of  27.9 – I  am @ this weight and BMI as of Friday 11/11/2011

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4 – 4kgs closer as of today

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6(.6 away from being at the top of my healthy range) – 6kgs closer as of today

My long term goal is = 61kg exchange – total of 13 kgs to exchange = which would bring my total exchange to 39kgs

TOM has been a lot more successful this time around, despite the 2 bad weeks that I had(well I suppose it wasn’t really all that bad, at least I stayed the same and didn’t go up!!) I now officially have 30 days to lose 6kgs. I have a couple of plans in place and hope to be able to reach the goals by the nominated dates!!!

I am still travelling well with the clothes. Haven’t taken any pics since the last ones I put up here but plan to do it this week!!! All my clothes are definitely fitting me differently. I am still slowly getting rid of my bigger clothes…I am still finding myself wearing them every now and then just to feel good about the fact that they are now loose on me but I know that I need to get rid of them. I have been doing so one at a time, especially when I see how ridiculous I look in them now! It’s great though!

This week’s exercise plan is more cardio again (zumba, dancing, walking) but also incorporating some weights again.My main plan is to exercise my little heart out until the day that I leave to go to Mauritius. And even whilst there, I am bringing my dvds and usb sticks so that I can still do them….also plan on doing some running on the beach with my sis in the mornings when we go and stay in a holiday house! I am so excited and can’t wait.

I best sign this off with my usual gratitude list:

  • walks
  • zumba
  • Jillian Michaels
  • feeling good about myself more and more everyday
  • still having the WW community to fall back on when times are tough and especially for celebrations!!
  • getting more and more things done
  • being able to wear jeans and skirts again
  • change in my body shape
  • how far I have come in really such a short time – as with my 2 previous kids, it took me years to get to where I am now!
  • 30 days till we go on our first overseas family holiday!!!


“Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” — George S. Patton

Small positive decisions done consistently will lead to big positive life changes. The key is consistency!” YPG