I am hungry for change!


2012 so far for me has been one of many changes.

Some too fast and some not fast enough.

With some past habits and challenges still lingering around, that is obviously not going away anytime soon.

After my surgery, my main objective was to get myself back into an exercise routine, like I was before. I mostly achieved that and been happy with 4-5 times a week of mixing up cardio and weights, as well as daily yoga & meditation.

Although I was doing all this, I was still not eating right. I found myself slipping back into old eating habits and felt like something needed to change. Plus, I have my husband who had a health check up and discovered his susceptibility to cholesterol and high blood pressure. So this really was calling us to making some massive changes in our diet. One night I was unable to sleep and  passing the time reading blogs on WW community, came across this blog entry and link:

Image http://www.hungryforchange.tv/

I highly recommend it to anyone. I paid for it and I am glad that I did because although it may seem like a high price to pay for some information that you should know already, the thing is that we know it but unless we exchange some energy for the information, it ends up just staying by the wayside and ignored. So I decided to invest in this – I see it as investing in our health – just as I had been paying a monthly due to WW to guide me for 4 months of my journey.

This was the beginning of change for me, because I was hungry for change. I have been looking for something to grab me by the collar and get me on track – the right way! And this film did that for me. Partly!

A few days after seeing that film, I had already pre-booked for a free seminar to see Don Tolman – if you don’t know him, then here’s a link for you to start your research:


I had heard of him many years ago but was never able to make it to his seminars and you know what, that truly was a blessing, because back then, I was most likely not in the right frame of mind to take any action. It would’ve been another seminar notch on my belt and I would have been grateful for the information and moved on. But this time, I was searching, I was hungry for a change! And together with the Hungry for Change film and seeing Don, that change is happening in my life. I am feeling like I am finally equipped with the information that I need to take charge of my health and my family’s health. Making conscious choices. There is no hiding anymore. Once you know something, how can you ignore it? I feel that I wouldn’t be a good Mother if I did. So slowly, I am implementing the  changes I have learnt through Hungry and Don in our daily lives. I purchased the FDR books by Don and I tell you, I don’t know how I did without them! Seriously, it’s an investment in my health, our health. Something that I can control and my choice.

I am feeling very passionate about this at the moment and that is what has urged me to start blogging again after so long. I had thought about coming back here for a while, but really I had nothing to say. Nothing was happening to share. Nothing was changing. I was still searching. Searching for something to feed the change I was hungry for. And finally, I listened and here I am , embarking on this new found healthy journey. Really, it’s not new at all. It’s all common sense! In the end, it’s all about how it is presented and who you resonate with, to accept and understand the changes and the information.

One of the things that Don promotes is fasting, in the form of water, juice, wholesome foods, etc.I want to quote some information from one of his newsletters to share here with you:


Turning internal toxicity into a river of life…

It’s virtually pointless to embark on any health and wellness program until you have flushed all the accumulated, impacted debris and poisonous residues from your digestive tract.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) in collaboration with Mt. Sinai School of Medicine did a study that found over 249 chemicals in the blood and urine of 9 random human volunteers. These people did not work with chemicals on the job or live near an industrial facility.  Of all the chemicals found:

  •   76 were known to cause cancer in humans or animals
  •   94 are toxic to the brain and nervous system
  •   79 caused birth defects

The Center for Disease Control studies human toxin levels and has found measurable amounts of more than 100 toxic chemicals (man made “exo-toxins”) in blood and urine of the general public.

Toxins from the environment include:

  •     Food additives and preservatives
  •      Household cleaning products
  •     Personal care products
  •     Pesticides
  •     Home furnishings
  •      Clothing
  •     Hobbies: arts/crafts, model building, automotive
  •     Drinking water with chlorine/ fluoride (aluminum)

It’ s easy to see why interest in colon health continues to grow and why more and more healthcare professionals are looking into the benefits of colon cleansing for their patients… and themselves. 

A variety of health-related problems may be looming if you are unable to have at least one or two bowel movement per day.  Disease-causing viruses just love to thrive in these conditions and they can’t wait to use your colon as a way to invade your body.

You need to adopt a health regimen that starts with a routine cleansing of your colon every 3-4 months. This will give you optimal capacity to receive nutrients from the foods that different seasons have to offer. 

Toxins build up even when your digestive system is not working properly.  Imagine how many toxins will be produced when our bowels are constipated? If you move your bowels only once per day, approximately two extra meals worth of food will be sitting in your digestive system at any given time!

 That is part of the amazing information that you get from Don. I know that it’s not new information. I am not claiming that he’s the God of Health or anything. At the moment, he’s one that I have resonated with, in order to get me on the right track!

ImageSo many people, including myself, have a misconception of fasting. But there is something that I remember the most from Don’s seminar. Be mindful of who is giving you the information and what they could possibly stand to gain from what they are telling you. Marketing is everywhere. And yes, of course Don has his products that he’s promoting or marketing as well. But when you consider the information he’s sharing…what better way to make sure that the whole world gets to hear about it…you need to partly play the game in order to change the game!

So beginning  Monday(as I mentioned in my earlier post), I have begun my detox/fast for the next 30 days. This week, I am on the Lemon Detox for 7 days. I have fresh fruit smoothie or juice for breakfast and nothing else but water and the Lemon drink for the rest of the day. As I expected, it was painful to begin with because of the over indulging on the weekend. I am now at day 5, and finally feeling the toxins leaving my body!Image Especially after my carefully prepared fresh Celery, Apple, Orange & Pineapple juice this morning!!

Boy, that was some toxin release! HA HA HA. Feeling emotionally better and physically reaping the benefits of the main purpose I began this. Of course, there is the added bonus of the weight loss – which is so far (2.1kgs) in 5 days! I started @ 72kgs. But the best feeling, is what I am feeling inside. How cleansed I am. I do hope that this is motivation and inspiration enough to remind me to only bless my body with a healthy combination, instead of the over indulgence that I have fed it before. Exercise hasn’t been a big part this week as I have been listening to my body. Had a walk one of the days, but mostly, my main craving has been to meditate – which has been keeping me on track within my mind, body and spirit.

I think I have made this post long enough for now and time is slipping by – which tends to happen when you are enjoying what you’re blogging about…but it’s time for me to go and pay attention to my daughter who has just woken up. So stay tuned for more blogs about my detox and any changes that I am implementing in my lifestyle, diet, health that I will surely share here with you! 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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Back with a new health mindset….


WOW, it has been a long time since I have posted here! And soooo sooo much has happened between now and the 25th of November 2011.

Going by my last post,  I never reached the goal that I wanted to by the time I went to Mauritius, but I was quite content with where I was nevertheless. I believe, from memory, I left Australia @ 72kgs and came back to Australia at around 73kgs 5 weeks later! That’s pretty dam good, if I may say so myself! Whilst I was in Mauritius, I woke up early everyday to workout for at least 20-30mins a day, followed by 10mins meditation down in my cousin’s basement gym. Although I mostly ate what I wanted too, the exercise helped to counteract that fact 🙂

By the end of our 4 weeks in Mauritius, I had enough of rice, noodles and bread! Ate so much of it, especially in the last week – where we were being invited to everyone’s house, left, right and centre! As much as we appreciated it all and of course it was all delicious. But by the time we returned, we were on a staple diet of nothing but meat/chicken/fish and vegies/salad.

Since being back from overseas, my primary focus was then shifted to having my aneurysm surgery. And because of pure laziness of not wanting to type about this all over again, here are links to my WW blog where I had shared about this in order from the beginning to making the decision to have surgery.




So after surgery, it did of course take some time to recover. The doctor had given me at least a week to recover, but I gave myself 3-4 weeks to ensure that I was totally recovered before going back to any form of exercise. Although in the meantime, I did suffer from a couple of infections from the catheter, which required for me to be on more medication for at least 5 days. Now almost 10 weeks after surgery, I am happy to report that I am physically great! 

The only good thing about recovering from surgery was that it was a kind of forced detox from things that I indulge way too much in, which is alcohol, going out and food. With the infections that I got, I had to abstain from any foods that contained wheat or yeast – do you know how hard that is? For a person like me who has been so accustomed to eating things from a packet or box for most of my life. This has been a major life change and eye opener. Funny enough, it’s something that I had an infection whilst breastfeeding my daughter – so it wasn’t too foreign, but still a massive challenge!

The last time I had indulged in alcohol was on my birthday on the 29th of January – for almost two months, NOTHING 🙂  I was so proud of myself, until I was invited to a friend’s birthday about 4 weeks ago, and then started the cycle of alcohol and going out all over again! It’s so easy to fall into this again after doing it before for so long. Last weekend was the last time I went out with a friend, my sister and cousin to a local club and again over indulged in alcohol. So much so, that I was ill for the weekend and that was enough to put me off again for a long time.

Before the weekend, I had already psyched myself and planned on a detox/fast for 30 days. So if anything, that weekend pushed me to do it even more. I knew that it was going to hurt! That it wasn’t going to be pretty or easy. I was also in an emotional state after the weekend, so that with what I allowed in my body called for a major detox. Although the reason why I wanted to do this detox/fast is because it is something that I have been doing at least once or twice a year for the last 3 years and mainly to detox from all the medications that was pumped into my body after the surgery, as well as the aspirin that I had to take for 6 weeks after the surgery. I don’t feel right having all these in my body for so long – yeah, I know, I know – then I put alcohol in my body most weekends….which is a habit that I need to change as well, but I know that I need to do it slowly because depriving is not the answer. At the moment, the important thing is to rid my body of most of the toxins that has been purposely put into it in the last 10 weeks!

I will end this post here and start another with my motivation and inspiration for my new healthy path…..