My Lemon detox experience 2012


I just wanted to share my 7 day Lemon Detox experience here, mainly because I feel like I need to write it down and also to let others make an informed decision, if they are looking at doing this themselves.

ImageMonday 16th of April – DAY 1 Starting @ 72kgs

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the weekend before I started this was an alcohol and food splurge – that I didn’t really plan but ended up that way. But I had already planned to do this from previously and knew that now was the time. I was in the right mindset to kickstart this program I have created for myself. So that day, I did nothing. My boys were still off school for one more day after the holidays, so we just sat around watching shows together. My energy levels were still fine. I prepared 2 litres of the drink and stored in the fridge. The one thing that I did decide to do differently this time around though(as this is the 3rd time  that I undertake this detox), is to have fresh fruit smoothies or freshly made juices in the mornings for breakfast. For that whole day, I didn’t feel hungry, until around the time that I had to make dinner for everyone. But I was strong. I pushed on. I have to say that when I am not eating the food that I prepare, it seems to taste and smell better. And because I know that I am not going to be able to appreciate the taste, as I am making it, I feel so much love energy going into preparing it for my family. It’s nice 🙂

This day I felt no symptoms of detoxing at all …except that I was tired and went to bed early.

ImageTuesday 17th of April – DAY 2

Today the tiredness and mood swings started to settle in. I didn’t feel like I wanted to do any form of exercise. I meditated and wrote in my journal for the morning. Started the morning with fresh fruit smoothie and a herbal tea to help with bowel movement. Drinking water and the Lemon drink for the remaining of the day. Today I felt extremely tired and hungry. Which I later figured out that it was because my time of the month was looming very closely. Picked a great time to do this I thought. Knowing how hungry and grumpy I get during this time. But, you know what? This was the right time to do it. I was determined to do it! My mind was already prepared for the process, no matter what I had to face. Now I just need to apply this determination in other areas of my life! Everytime I do this detox, it shows me how much strength, determination, discipline I have! I was able to stay up and watch a few shows on this night,not really needing to go to bed as early as the night before. I was able to get through doing some shopping for fruits & vegies as well as set us up with some pantry replacements from the supermarket.

Wednesday 18th of April – DAY 3 – Weigh in = 70kgsImage

This morning, I decided to weigh myself as I could feel that I am much lighter after 2 days of detoxing. And if anything, this also was motivation for me to keep going! Was very happy to see the result so far. So onwards I went with my day. Although I was tired, at the same time I had a lot of energy…if that makes any kind of sense at all! I decided that some exercise would be good today, nothing harsh, so decided to leave the house early with my little girl and take a leisurely stroll to pick up my boys from school. On the way, we stopped at the park so that Anjalia could have a play on the swing and the slide. It was her first experience, which she enjoyed immensely. Felt great after that but was extremely tired, but needed to keep soldiering on as I had to cook dinner for the troops! 

ImageThursday 19th of April – DAY 4 

Energy was still a little low today and did need to have a nap throughout the day. But I did have bouts of higher energies and was feeling good within myself. Again, took my daughter to the park, but drove this time as it was showering. Although there were signs of my time of the month arriving, it actually stopped altogether. But I gathered that it was because of changes that were happening inside my body with this detox that would have delayed it for sure.

ImageFriday 20th of April – DAY 5  – Weigh in = 69kgs (Woohoo, I am in the 60’s again)

Energy was higher today. Started the day with wanting to use my juicer/food processor for the first time. I had bought a lot of vegies & fruits from the market on Tuesday. I bought a massive celery, which I used some in a lentil soup I made throughout the week and then planned to juice the rest of it. So I juiced, celery, pineapple, oranges and apples with mint. Something that I discovered is that this mix was a bowel mover! And such a cleansing juice. I felt so amazingly cleansed after it. I made a lot and it took me the whole morning to finish! But I enjoyed it immensely. It was really just an experiment to see if I could do it…being the first time, think I overdid the quantity but nevertheless, I did it 🙂 On this day, I began focusing on blogging here again. I was quite hungry throughout the day. Hungrier than I have been on this day in my past fasts. That night, I was sitting there watching TV and quickly had to rush to the toilet to tend to my time of the month. It was actually quite amazing. I could feel everything that was happening and knew exactly the right time to catch it in time. The most amazing discovery that I made is that leading up to that point, I had no pain, no headaches because of this coming …nothing(other than usual monthly mood swings – but I think it was a little less than usual – but if you ask my family they may not agree lol). Isn’t it interesting how that has showed me that by stuffing my face every time this time is here, that I am the one that creates the symptoms. I  am the one that interrupts the process which lets me know by giving me the PMS symptoms! I really find that fascinating. Perhaps fasting during the time of the month should be a regular thing!!! Would need to tap into this willpower that I have now for every month. Could I do that? that is the question!

ImageSaturday 21st of April – DAY 6

Energy was quite good today. Pretty normal. Got a few things done around the house without too much effort.Saturdays are boys’ sports day. My eldest has basketball locally whilst my youngest son has hockey, which can be a home or away game – thankfully today it was a home game. I was quite hungry today, so had to do other things to keep my mind occupied and not think about food. Fell asleep watching a movie with my boys on this night as I was very tired and so hungry..I just really wanted to forget about food! I know that this was to do with my hormones! I did have a headache throughout the night, but that was because I ended up waking up after my nap on the couch and staying up until 3am! Water was what got me by!

Sunday 22nd of April – DAY 7 – 68.5kgsImage

Last official day for Lemon Detox!


Today we had a lunch planned with some friends in the city. I had already told my friend that I was on the detox and won’t be eating but able to have a freshly  made juice. She so nicely ensured that the place that we went to had that as an option. So this morning, I had the lemon drink for breakfast and had the juice @ lunch and another one for an afternoon snack as I didn’t bring the lemon drink with me to the city. By the time we got home, I was buggered! I ended up going to bed by 10pm and then woke up @ 5am! lol But I got through the 7 days! Oh and I forgot to say that I was able to fit in my skinny jeans that I had been wanting to fit in since last year. I knew that I would fit into it once I hit the 60’s as that is around the weight I was when I bought the jeans. It felt amazing to wear with no muffin top!!! Loved it and felt great!

Today, as I type this, I am weaning myself from the lemon detox. The process today is:

Start the day with a glass of the Lemon Detox drink and one orange. 
Mid morning: Fresh orange juice. 
Lunch: Fruit or vegetable juice. 
Tea: Fruit juice or a glass of the Lemon Detox drink. 
Supper: Fresh pureed vegetable soup (which I plan to make a pumpkin/sweet potato soup)

I woke up feeling bloated this morning so I  needed some assistance with some special herbal tea which I hope works for me soon 🙂

ImageThen tomorrow I am on to the next 5 day phase of this 30 day program – which is the wholefood nutrition in a drink, to be taken 3 times a day along with water 🙂 

WISH ME LUCK!!! I am still ultra determined and looking forward to the result that this will bring me, not only in weight and body change but the incredible energy that I am building inside and feeling like by being in control of my health, I can take on the world in everything else that I want to achieve. I love this feeling! 🙂


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