Lemon Detox Wholefoods


Again, I just wanted to share this experience here so that others who may be looking to do this can make an informed decision. I know that when I want to embark on something new, the internet is where I search for my answers.

So on Monday, I did one day of weaning.

From Tuesday I went on to the Wholefoods sachets from the people who make the Lemon detox. It’s a little like a shake that you can have with 250mls of water or juice. Well I thought, “it’s banana flavour, I am sure it’ll be nice!” Boy was I wrong!!! It tasted disgusting. It was recommended to add honey for taste, I did that but it did nothing to kill the terrible, I don’t know how to describe it, taste. But I am still so determined, I told myself that it’s just one of those things that’s gonna take me a while to get use to the taste.

For the next couple of days, I had it in freshly made juices and fruit smoothies, only 2 times a day..I couldn’t stand it anymore than that. It is just really not nice at all. Been allowing myself to have my freshly made pumpkin soup that I made on Monday, for dinners. 

Today, was the last straw…I bought a Boost Juice 2&5 juice and brought it home to put back in the blender with the wholefoods powder….that was the most disgusting of all…I am now completely put off. So tomorrow, I am back to the Lemon detox wean and for the weekend, until I can start the next fast, being Don Tolman’s Pulse fast. I get to eat at least! lol Hopefully it tastes a whole lot better.

I know these powder things aren’t any good….and most likely the worse thing for me. I didn’t want to have that Wholefoods shake so much today at lunch so bad that I took out one of the shakes that I had in the cupboard and had that instead. Most likely was a bad idea as my tummy did hurt after it. At one stage today, I was soooo tempted to eat. I was feeding my daughter her lunch – which was pasta that I had made the night before – it smelled so good, I almost gave in to it!!!! But then I reminded myself how far I have come. I am almost halfway through this thing – today is Day 12. I just need to keep persevering.

I have gone back to working out this week…did Zumba on Wednesday & Jillian on Thursday. Nothing today because i had some emotional things come up that I had to deal with. I am finding that my weight has stayed the same pretty much all week this week. I have booked in for a colony cleanse on Sunday. My first one which I am looking forward to as this is something I have been ummming and arrrgghing about for almost 2 years now…and finally taking the plunge. I will share my experience here after Sunday 🙂