YES, for the first time in a very long time, I am feeling skinny…whether or not I am looking like it, is another thing…hehe

So as per usual, I will start off with my stats for the last two weeks

Week 32:  14th of October 2011 = 200g exchange

Gotta say that I was disappointed that week but really I should’ve been grateful for that small exchange as I was fully in the TOM craziness and as challenging as it was, I got through it! With a lot of self talk and yes, still fell down at times, but  I picked myself back up! Yeah, I am pretty determined!!! If anything, this week was a motivation for the next week.

Week 33:  21st of October 2011 = 1.4kg exchange


Am I surprised?


I worked bloody hard for this! Especially yesterday, I did 35 mins intensive yoga with Jillian Michaels, then an hour walk with my sister in law by the beach then 1 hour of Zumba class. Intense! YES…but I loved it!!!

I can feel all the work that I have put in. It’s all reflecting in how I am carrying myself, how I am dressing, how I am feeling, how motivated I am ….etc…

And today(as seen in pic), I can officially fit in ONE of my size 12 skinny jeans…yeah, it is still a WEE bit tight but heading to the comfortable side …by next week(I hope to wear it to my cousin’s first communion), it will be perfect!!! I did say that by 75kgs it’ll fit…well, it is!!!

So…. Exchange to date =24.8kgs (200g to total exchange of 25kgs!!!) WOOOHOO..what an achievement!!!

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far:

My 6 weekly goal(Before or by the 31st of October) = 74kgs & New BMI of  27.9 – I am 1.2kgs closer to this goal and I am looking to be there by next week!!!

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4 – 5.2kgs closer as of today

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6(.6 away from being at the top of my healthy range) 7.2kgs closer as of today

Now I have 54 days from today to reach these goals – which equates to about 7 weeks. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS. With this focus that I have right now and the motivation of seeing my clothes fit so much better more and more everyday…. I can actually feel my hip bones… And when I do the cobra pose in yoga, I can feel my pubic bone hard against the floor. Sounds weird to tell you this but it’s a bloody achievement. I can see my knee bone, my shoulder bone. My hubby told me the other day, you’re fading away, and I said…GREAT! Thank you! He also said that he can see that my face is getting smaller! I can see that too…

So my underwear photos are progressing well, don’t worry I won’t share those ones here.hehe…but I will share one that is not looking how I would like it to look like on me as yet but I was amazed that it fit me when I put it on this morning…I just randomly decided to put it on and I thought, WOW, in another 3-5kgs this will feel amazing on (and I can take it to Mauritius with me!! YAY!!) My size 12 white jeans..a good working progress I am thinking…something else to aim for.

I also tried on one of my other skinny jeans, also a size 12 but tighter fitting and seems to be smaller than the ones that I am fitting in…different label but both were from KMart I am quite sure. That has a long way to go…most likely by the time I am 70kgs, it’ll be perfect! At the moment, I have a big muffin top hanging but I am working on that everyday. So my two motivations at the moment are the white jeans and those skinny jeans. Oh an this green top that I am wearing in this pic, I have not been able to wear for almost 2 years and today, I liked the way that I looked in it. It’s longer than it shows in the pic here, I held it up to see the jeans more in the pic. I am willing to wear the top with black pants at this stage 🙂

I am so excited right now. So glad to be seeing so much progress. My exercise plans have been going great guns. After trialing out a new personal trainer near my area last week – tried out her Zumba class – I have committed to doing my workouts with her as well as my usual home workouts 🙂 So far, all I can fit into my schedule are her Zumba classes and not so much the bootcamp ones but will definitely see what I can do as the weeks go along. So committed to 20 sessions – which equates to about 2 sessions a week which will last me up to and beyond my overseas trip! Looking also to do a Zumbathon that she’s running, who would like to come and do that with me????? Saturday 12th of November 9-11.30am…Also doing lots of workouts with Jillian…I LOVE THE PAIN THAT SHE PUTS ME THROUGH…COZ IT’S WORKING!! hehe

Food plan are also going well…about to go into a more intense one after this week, where I am actually looking to do a bit of a detox – this time around not only a physical one but also for spiritual reasons(been getting back into my other goals that I had on my vision board 🙂 ) So that’d be for only 3 days and then I am looking to ease back into my normal routine.

Ok, I had better complete this post and post it up so that you can all read about my excitement here..hehe..so to close off, my gratitude list:

– my workout with Jillian

– finding new PT in my area(love her, she’s so full of energy)

– finding a connection with my vision board again

– listening to my intuition again

– connecting with my spirit and listening to guidance in other areas of my life as well as my physical aspects

– walks

– awesome weather we had been having in Melbourne(not today 😦

– starting my gratitude journal again

– connecting with WW community and being inspired by my usual bloggers and friends 🙂


I could go and on and on and on and on here but best stop as I do have to go and feed my little one..till next time!!!

Leave you with a couple of AWESOME quotes from Jillian Michaels:


TRANSFORMATION is not a future event, it is a present activity! 





The positive influences of Oprah

When the farewell shows for Oprah was on TV, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it so I downloaded the very last show a couple of days ago and watched it yesterday…and I really feel like I need to blog about what I got out of the experience. It’s not directly to do with this journey, but in some higher aspects, it is!

Firstly, I have to admit that until more recently, I never really watched Oprah. I always saw it as a tiresome reality TV show in the same realm as the likes of Jerry Springer. Probably when I did catch it every now and then many years ago, that’s how it actually was. So I just basically stayed away from watching it unless there was someone really interesting on it or I was intrigued by the story whilst switching channels. I personally, never understood why people put her on such a pedestal and believed her to be almost like a “God”.

But since the shows that she did in Australia, I found myself switching her on in the afternoon whilst feeding my daughter. I found myself developing this massive respect for what she does and the energy that she emanates to the world. She really is a shining example and really has done her job with the utmost passion and commitment in the last 25 years.

The final show didn’t have any guests, only Oprah, basically talking about her learnings and sharing this with her viewers as well as continuously expressing her gratitude for the support she has received for her show over the years. It was truly touching and inspiring.

It helped me to finally have an answer for something that I have been searching for, for a long time. I always wondered what my purpose on earth was? What was I sent here to do? What is my calling? I always believed that it HAD to be something big. But watching Oprah today, I heard her say:

“Your platform, stage, talk show is where you are showing people exactly who you are.”

Connect, embrace, liberate & love somebody. Begin with one and spread to two and keep spreading.”

Those two quotes just there were so powerful to me because I began to think that perhaps my platform is already in motion. At home, I run my own class for my kids. I am their ultimate teacher until such a time that they start searching for it in others for the things I can’t teach them. My other platforms are my blogs and my spiritual/inspirational groups where I share quotes and inspiring words  that have inspired me with others. It’s where I feel  I can open myself up and allow some of my humility to come through which can in turn help someone else along the way.

Anther quote she said:

“Start embracing the life that is calling you and use your life  to serve the world!”

Again, such a stab in the heart these word when I heard them come out of her mouth. It was as if she was speaking directly to me. Since last year, I completed a Massage & Aromatherapy  course which since having my daughter, has been left to the wayside due to time restrictions. Although, I am feeling such a strong pull to get this going but at the same time, there is so much fear involved. Start embracing life, that’s what I need to apply so that I can better serve the world. The whole idea of taking these courses was to eventually start practising them at home. Having a baby definitely delayed that but there’s no reason why plans for it should not happen. I feel like this is my other platform to serve the world, waiting for me to step up and allow.

When I went to see my Naturopath a few weeks ago, she told me that I should really do something with what I have learnt and put into practice. She said that you will notice that the experience is not only about giving but also about receiving . She is also a remedial massage therapist. She also said that she sees that I would be great at it…the thing is, I do see that too but at the same time, I am finding myself allowing the fears take over all my thoughts and pushing the idea further and further away. There are many fears involved, one of success, one of failure, one of lack of knowledge, one of not being good at it,etc…. But then I heard this quote from  Oprah’s show:

“We ofen block our own blessings because we don’t feel good enough, or smart enough or pretty enough or WORTHY enough. You are worthy because you are BORN & because you are HERE NOW!”

Today, I watched the farewell spectacular surprise shows. What an amazing end to this part of her humanitarian dedication. To see how much she has helped to inspire others…the thing is that I know that Oprah doesn’t see that SHE has done it. Only that she has been the messenger for all those people who needed to hear the message in order to change their lives. It’s so easy for us to put a person on pedestal and feel that we would be lost without this person because we feel that they have helped us so much. But in the end, Oprah is a representation, a reflection of what we are ALL capable of. She is an example of what we can be in our own lives. It doesn’t need to be in the form of being a talk show host or having our own network but whatever purpose it is that we have a calling.

Deciding and realising in order to step into our power can be the easiest thing . But it’s the trials, tribulations and tests of time that truly help us to grow and shine as the enlightened, empowered souls that we truly are…every single one of us..no exceptions!

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.x

“Your life is speaking to you. What is it saying?” ~Oprah

11 April 2011 – It’s the simple things…..

….that motivate me! Well, especially since Friday night, I had been feeling very ordinary. You know when that TOM is just around the corner and no matter how much you workout, you still feel blehhhh???

So here are a few things that I discovered during my weekend:

  • I put on these Size 12 pair of jeans that I bought from Millers about 5 years ago – they were actually my first Size 12 after I got down to a 12 the last health exchange. I don’t really know what came over me to do that but I did know that they were quite generous in their sizing, so maybe it really is a 14. Anyway, I put them on as I wanted to know how much more I would need to exchange in order for me to fit in these jeans. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I was happy to find that they went over my butt to begin with.lol. Although I would struggle for breath if I was to button them up, I feel that I only need another 5kgs to exchange for them to fit…it maybe a little snug, but it’ll fit! So that made me feel great!
  • Same with a pair of trackies – which are a 14 & hipsters, would definitely fit in them in 5kgs time!
  • It’s amazing what a difference in your mind it makes when you’ve left one decade to go on to another…as in being in the 90’s and now on the top end of the 80’s. I also put on this size L dress that I bought from Cotton On(one that can be worn over leggings) when I was pregnant – which accommodated for my belly at the time. When I wore it after I had Anjalia, it also accommodated for my butt!!!And always put a jacket on over it. Yesterday I put it on to take the boys to the library, not thinking that I actually hadn’t worn it for a while & to my surprise again, it looked so much better. I know there’s a lot more to lose on my hips, but so much has been exchanged. And my tummy looks ALMOST flat…compared to what it was. Even hubby said it to me in bed the other night………….whilst talking guys……………..get your mind out of the gutter..lol…he said, “Hey look, your tummy’s gone down heaps!” That brought a big smile to my face indeed 🙂
  • Last night, hubby gave me a compliment whilst wearing the above mentioned dress and said, “You’re shrinking baby!” Awwww felt so nice!!! I said, “Thanks for noticing..helps me to know that I am doing all the right things!”
  • Other things like my everyday leggings are getting looser and a denim jacket that is a size 14 but had been tight on me for a while, now is nice and loose…and I CAN button them up around my chest!
  • I also worked out the other day that I need to exchange at least another 10kgs to be in the higher end of my healthy BMI! So that is a great goal that I am looking to achieve

So with all these little things, simple things, yes, they are things that don’t show on the scale. Really the scale is just a number to gauge your progress but so are all these other things that I have shared with you on this post.

These simple things are helping me to stay focused and on track. Helping me to push myself and do that workout that I might not feel like doing. Helping me to push even though my TOM is telling me to just eat whatever I want and worry about it later. I make sure to remember(more when I am not an emotional, irrational wreck lol) during that time that I do retain more fluid and I do bloat, so trying on these clothes yesterday by chance helped me to get through that, seeing that there are results, massive results, regardless of the scales.

Apart from the mood swings on the weekend, I did remarkably well with my PP allowance. I still have 30PP left…Only had 1 glass of wine for the whole weekend. Did have to compensate with some alternatives for my cravings, but made conscious choices! Very happy with that 😀

WI this week will be with measurements – so looking forward to see how much of a difference there is from 6 weeks ago 🙂 Just had to share this with you all today. Thanks for reading.xx

I am responsible for MY LIFE, MY FEELINGS and for EVERY result I get! ~Bob Proctor

4 April 2011 – Positive Attitude – it changes EVERYTHING


Post ImageAfter writing that blog this morning, it had me thinking most of the day.It was an entry I had to let out of my head otherwise I would’ve festered on it by myself and made it into something bigger than what it was. The reason why I joined WW in the first place is to ensure that I don’t do this on my own and use the support around me as much as possible!

Funny enough, after writing the blog – I actually shook myself up and instead of wallowing in self pity all day long. Making excuses as to why I should just sit on the couch and eat – I got off my arse and took my daughter to the doc’s by walking for 40mins(20mins up and back) and later on picked up the boys by walking to school for another total of 40mins. A total of 6 activity points for today. You will laugh to know what actually motivated me to do it – it was actually that I felt that it was necessary for me to put something down for my activity for today on tracker as well as feeling accountable to do it for challenge of doing 30mins everyday. I felt so much better for it afterwards. A little sore but hey, I have a lot of maccas to work off.lol

Whilst I was walking, I also remembered that in the tracker I didn’t account for the fact that I danced for the whole night at the wedding..so even though I didn’t do a workout that day, the dancing surely was a workout as I was working up a sweat! So I added this to my exercise tracker which brought down my negative figure a little more. And I am happy with the decision I made on Sunday morning to get up and go for that 50mins walk with my sister.

And also, although I was panicking when I wrote that post this morning – mostly as it was at the time that I was recording everything I ate and just thought OMG…WHAT HAVE I DONE!? – the truth is that I had a great time on the weekend. I was so happy to be with family and so happy to have some time out with hubby – this being our first time that he and I have left the kids since Anjalia was born almost 7 months ago. So I don’t regret it. I wanted to have fun and I did..tremendous fun and I am not going to punish myself for that :p

Even though I did eat a lot of unhealthy foods on Sat & Sun … I was still very aware and conscious of the decisions I was making with the foods. Therefore, I think that this will actually help me towards, at the very least, an STS and not a gain. It’s all about the positive thinking and using it to turn a potentially bad result to one more to my liking. That is what has partly helped me the past couple of losses….It’ll take hard work, but I am seeing that change is on the horizon, so time will tell.

29 March 2011 – Every little change counts….

I just had to write a blog about my weekend….was gonna leave it, but decided that I should share it with you all.

On Saturday, went on my road trip to Ballarat with my sister in law, for my brother’s birthday. I have to be honest and tell you that I was dreading going at all only because I had NOTHING TO WEAR! And that’s no joke! I tried to see if I could buy something really cheap, but my heart wasn’t in it as I had already told myself that I won’t buy anything until I am halfway through goal – which will be at around 79kgs and then at the end 61kgs. I really just want to make do with what I have in the meantime and I have PLENTY of clothes that I have yet to fit in as well as my goal.

So in the end, I ended up wearing this long aqua flowy top that I had bought just before I started my thinspirational journey – which I had worn out on a girls’ night out. I purchased it from Glassons with a little jacket to go on it. Believe it or not, it’s actually a size 12. I love that shop, their sizes are really nice and generous to me. At that time, I was at my heaviest and liked the top as it hid any kinds of bulges…but still showed my tuck shop lady arms – which I thought is it’d be fine for when I am in a club anyway, as no one can really see…well, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.lol..So of course when I wore it then, the top underneath was quite tight.

Anyway, when I put it on, on Saturday night, it was loose on me!!! Yeah, the bottom top was loose and the shoulder straps were loose also, regularly falling and having to pull it back up. I felt so good…knowing that I have lost quite a few inches around my hips, butt and chest area.

I also wore a black jacket over it – which I had bought when I was about 5 months pregnant. I bought it at XL but it was from one of those little shops that have a lot of Asian size clothes, so the sizes are very underestimated, not like Glassons at all. When I put it on, I realised that the jacket actually buttons up over my chest and I could pull it across with my 2 hands and it covered my chest. Before I couldn’t even get past my the sides of my boobs. Wow…I think I have come a long way already! It felt soo good, that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Now, I did blow out all my points on the w/end with the numerous wines & Champagne glasses and then feeling hungry @ 4am and had Maccas….hmm, and not any healthy choices either. You know how it is when you’ve been drinking…nothing matters any more! I wasn’t completely oblivious but there was nowhere else to go at that time and my sister in law by that stage had an incredibly crazy night and weren’t in the mood to get all fussy about what to eat at this stage. But the next day…well on the Sunday at 12pm brunch @ her mum’s house, she served us a lovely breakfast, which could have ended up being the most greasy breakfast choice, but it was actually just what WW would have approved of …. Seeded bread with 1 free range egg, 3 thin slices of ham, cooked tomatoes & mushrooms. They were perfect and for the rest of the day, although I could’ve made better choices, I still ate within my 30PP. I know! Incredible..but true.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done it but I did peak at the scale this afternoon sometime. I know it wouldn’t have been a true indication with the time of the day as well…but I needed to know what I needed to do exactly to get back on track. hmm and it wasn’t pretty!!!

So what are the additional changes I will be implementing?
Lots of exercise as from tomorrow(still keeping it to walking & yoga); No bread or rice after 5pm; plenty of vegies, fruits & salads to fill me up. And some of the other things I adopted last week. Fingers crossed! Then have weddings coming up on Saturday as well….can’t wait till all these are out of the way! Hopefully be a lot easier to keep under control at the wedding!

Well there you have it…my vent…thanks for reading 😀

Friday, 18 March 2011 – OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!

This will hopefully only be a very short entry…one that I just HAD to share!

Today, when I was getting ready to take my daughter to have her 6 months immunisation – as I was in the shower, I was thinking of what I could wear. What I really wanted to wear was jeans. I LOVE JEANS…but I haven’t worn them for a while now – probably since I was 5 months pregnant was the last time. I thought about what jeans I could possibly fit in at this time and the only ones I could think of were my maternity jeans.

Now this may sound crazy..but after I had my daughter, I could hardly get these jeans past my thighs. At one stage, I could get them on but they were crazy tight under my belly and would literally kill me when I sat down in them… I was quite confident today that these would fit me…so I put them on … AND THEY DID. I WAS SOOOO HAPPY! I mean, I know they’re maternity pants…what achievement is that? Trust me, it’s an achievement, they are quite tight around the hips and does have that extra material for the belly…which I don’t fill – it reaches all the way to under my bra! They are size 14 🙂 Even though my butt has a fair way to go, to get down to where I like it…it still didn’t look too bad in the jeans.

I thought – what a motivator! What a great stepping stone! I inspired myself! lol I am getting there!YAY 🙂 That feeling was reward enough for all that I have achieved so far. I love that feeling. I am looking forward to many more of them!

Ok, I said this would be short and probably went on a bit more than I thought I would…but when you’re excited…the words just flow..hehe.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share with you all.x

8/4/2011 – Positive Language is equally important as Positive Thinking!

“As you think, so you are!” ~William James
Many of you have probably heard this quote before and it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it? That basically you can improve your life simply by changing the quality of your thoughts.

“Everything we are arises with our thoughts.” ~Buddha
This is a concept that arises in many religions and tells us that we only need to look within to change our thoughts. It’s a choice. Even though we are inspired by others’ progress, goals and words, in the end, we make the choice to make the change. The vision of me as Slender Pas is not only on my vision board for this year but also in my mind at all times. When I see the success of someone’s Health Exchange, I see myself and that is what keeps me going. The person represents where I know I will be in 12 months time.

I create who I am and I have the power to change who I am in a single thought much like you all have the same power. By choosing to consciously think positively, we end up living a divine life – that being one on the path that we truly wish to be on.

I am sure that everyone has caught on to the buzz of The law of Attraction in the last few years. Where the law tells us that whatever you spend your time pondering, is what you will attract in your life. The law is not prejudiced or biased – it will work for both POSITIVE & NEGATIVE. Therefore it’s important to be aware of the thoughts that you ponder on and recognise whether it’s a positive or negative.

Much like positive thinking is vital to the Law of Attraction, so is positive language. So what is it that needs to change in order tell our unconscious mind exactly what it is that we are looking to achieve? And what words can be omitted from our language that will help us in the long run?

Firstly it needs to begin from a place of gratitude and imagining that we are already there…so to name a few words like I want, I wish, I should, I can’t, it’s too hard present themselves as limiting to our unconscious mind. Therefore, when you say I want, you will get the manifestation of wanting, the feeling of wanting but not actually what it is that you are seeking to achieve. I wish will only have you wishing and wishing it all away because the word wish pertains itself as imaginary and out of reach, therefore, the dream will always be an imagined one and not become a reality. I should, I can’t & it’s too hard brings in anxieties and pressures on yourself that eventually bring you only to self sabotage. Do you see the picture?

So how do I change it you ask?

Well as you are wishing, wanting and whatever else words you can think of – you are actually storing all your wonderful manifestations in your unconscious but your unconscious mind does not know what to do with it unless you guide it. How do you do that? You see and visualise yourself there right NOW! The belief of past and future also inhibits our manifestations, there is only NOW… so NOW is the time that you realise your dreams. Write down your vision of yourself at the exchange that you are aiming for, fill it with love, gratitude, immense emotions, and be PRESENT. Be there now in your mind, in your body & in your soul. Let it all rise up as you write it all down. Once you’re done, type it, make it a poster, whatever your creativity feels is best and read it everyday. Take time out to be that person that you think is so far out of reach, right NOW. We all know that person, cause that person comes out every time we have have a health exchange, every time that dress or jeans fits..that feeling is what will manifest all that you desire!

A snippet of my vision:
Today is the 8/12, I am at the beach, walking with my head held high – loving my new and improved healthy body. I love the way that I am moving with ease & such freedom.

18/3/2011 – Rewards

Today I have been busy gathering information on what would be great reward ideas for every 5kgs that I lose. I posted this on the message board on WW and came up with so many great suggestions – so great, that I thought it deserves a blog all on its own, before my usual reflection blog.

So here is a summary of these great reward ideas:

  • 20 put away in a bank a/c for every 1 kg loss – if 500g then $10 etc (this is my own that I started today!)
  •  50c – $1 in a jar or piggy bank as recognition of every time I exercise (I exercise 6 days a week – so in 6 mths, that’s $72 which I can contribute towards a massage or spa or facial)
  • Shape eyebrows
  • New hair colour & style
  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Massage (Definitely a favourite of mine)
  • Pair of shoes
  • Jewellery – Rings, Pandora bracelet and beads, earrings
  • New jeans(I dunno about this one… I have about 5 pairs in my cupboard that I would like to fit back in first which are size 12)
  • New runners
  • New sports wear
  • Gold class movie tickets
  • Save for a holiday
  • Clothes (my idea with the $20 per kilo is to have a possible mid-way spree and/or a shopping spree @ goal!)
  • WW Digital scales
  • Day spa (I am seriously considering this one as a mid-way reward-which will be when I have lost 15kg)
  • Bags
  • Exercise aides such as waterproof mp3 player, iPod, nice water bottle
  • Make up
  • Coloured magnetic photo frames(a reminder of each achievement on your fridge – maybe with a pic of your changes in each one)
  • Op Shop Blitz (can get many new clothes @ cheaper prices)
  • Donating the money to charity of choice
  • A nice new dress
  • A nice new fruit bowl (encouraging buying of fruits & reminder of how close we are getting to our goal)
  • Me Time bath with candles and soft music(this one was suggested at every week’s loss, if no time, a 5kg goal could be rewarding)
  • Weekend away with girlfriends (I am having a road trip with my sister in law next weekend for my brother’s birthday in Ballarat – I am considering this as a reward for what I have achieved so far – to date = 8kgs off since Jan 10 :-p )
  • Session with a personal trainer
  • Girl’s night out
  • Book/DVD/CD you’ve been dying to get (hmm as I am writing this, got an idea that there are a few self-help/personal development books that I have been wanting, so may make these my 5kg markers – still undecided though)
  • Treat yourself to a class you’ve been wanting to do (My idea is coming from a pamphlet I found yesterday for yoga classes which is perhaps another idea for 20kg loss marker reward – I do yoga at home but would love to spoil myself to getting out of the house to do it once a week)
  • Stationery/candles/incense
  • Scrap booking progress

I must say that this has been such a worthwhile exercise for me – it has helped me to get a little clearer on what my goal posts will be and what my rewards for them will be. It’s quite exciting actually!

Meanwhile, What are your rewards – love to hear any that maybe different from what I have listed here 🙂

9/3/2011 – Conscious weight loss Vs Unconscious weight loss

(This was Nelson Mandela’s speech which was written by Marrianne Williamson)

I have spent much of last night reading blogs on the WW community and saw this as a common factor in most of the blogs and some of us may know it, it always helps to have it reiterated and to others, it could be completely new information.

It’s something that’s been always touched on but when you join weight loss aides such as WW, they only help you with the conscious weight loss – which is the food plan, the exercise, the points, the discipline, the motivation…etc. Which is all well and good but then why is it that we always end up self-sabotaging?… is the question that I keep seeing repeated throughout blogs and have wondered myself for so long!

I am just currently starting Marianne Williamson’s A course in Weight loss, a spiritual journey to weight loss…now I don’t know what everyone’s beliefs are and for this, it really doesn’t matter what it is, Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self… whatever it is, most of us believe in universal force of some kind.

The course looks at accepting the great success of changing your conscious weight but then going deeper to make necessary changes in order to truly solve it in its entirety. To root out fears and replace it with inestimable love. She believes that by training your mind to let go of its fear, your body will let go of its excess pounds – and you do this by asking for Higher assistance.

So maybe this is something that we all need to consider adopting – the conscious is dealing with our relationship with food, but the unconscious deals with our relationship with love.

This is direct quotes from her book that hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it:

“Love is that which both created and sustains you. It’s both your connection to your true reality and your alignment with the positivity flow of the universe. Divine truth is that you are love, your relationship to food is an area where your nervous system has lost the memory of its divine intelligence. The real you knows exactly how to inhabit your body in the healthiest, happiest way. No matter how smart you are, or how much “work you’ve done on yourself,” you alone cannot outsmart the psychic force of compulsion and addiction.”

So the journey entails looking deep within, going at a much deeper level than you’ve probably ever been before. Maybe you have been there before but only through some course or seminar that you attended – what about adopting this as part of our PERMANENT weight loss instead. If it’s gonna help in the long run…then why not??

I blog about courses that I experience on my website otherwise which I will be sharing here as well, as to what helps me to discover my true divinity towards permanent weight loss here as well.

Thanks for reading!



Imagine, for a moment,
that peace befell the land,
that all of humankind reached out
and held each other’s hand.
Imagine, for an instant,
the touch of skin to skin
proved so powerful a feeling
every nation felt like kin.
Imagine, for a second,
love possessed the honest soul
of each citizen on the planet
and the world was truly whole.
Imagine, for a heartbeat,
how quickly hatred would dissolve
and compassion rise up gallantly
with blazing-strong resolve.
Imagine, in your lifetime,
this chain of hope began
and the link at its inception
was your firm, extended hand.
Terri McPherson

 If today started off negatively, it doesn’t have to end that way. At any point in time you can turn it around. The same energy that was bringing you down can be used to lift you up. All you need to do is turn it around.

The point where you are right now is the point that separates the past from the future. And you are in complete control of that critical junction. If the past hasn’t been going well, then move yourself in a different direction. Right here, right now you have that power.

No matter how fast you’re going in the wrong direction or how far you’ve travelled, at any point in time you can make a u-turn. Why would you want to use up your time and energy on a journey toward despair? Turn it around right now.

If your efforts have never amounted to much up until now, this is the moment at which you can begin to make them count for something. If you’ve been frivolous and unfocused, now is the moment to sharpen your focus and to and to align your actions in the direction of your highest aspirations.

Moving ahead is infinitely better than falling behind. There’s nothing that can prevent you from pointing your life in a positive direction right this very moment. Do it now, and for every moment to come.

Ralph Marston