Back with a new health mindset….


WOW, it has been a long time since I have posted here! And soooo sooo much has happened between now and the 25th of November 2011.

Going by my last post,  I never reached the goal that I wanted to by the time I went to Mauritius, but I was quite content with where I was nevertheless. I believe, from memory, I left Australia @ 72kgs and came back to Australia at around 73kgs 5 weeks later! That’s pretty dam good, if I may say so myself! Whilst I was in Mauritius, I woke up early everyday to workout for at least 20-30mins a day, followed by 10mins meditation down in my cousin’s basement gym. Although I mostly ate what I wanted too, the exercise helped to counteract that fact 🙂

By the end of our 4 weeks in Mauritius, I had enough of rice, noodles and bread! Ate so much of it, especially in the last week – where we were being invited to everyone’s house, left, right and centre! As much as we appreciated it all and of course it was all delicious. But by the time we returned, we were on a staple diet of nothing but meat/chicken/fish and vegies/salad.

Since being back from overseas, my primary focus was then shifted to having my aneurysm surgery. And because of pure laziness of not wanting to type about this all over again, here are links to my WW blog where I had shared about this in order from the beginning to making the decision to have surgery.

So after surgery, it did of course take some time to recover. The doctor had given me at least a week to recover, but I gave myself 3-4 weeks to ensure that I was totally recovered before going back to any form of exercise. Although in the meantime, I did suffer from a couple of infections from the catheter, which required for me to be on more medication for at least 5 days. Now almost 10 weeks after surgery, I am happy to report that I am physically great! 

The only good thing about recovering from surgery was that it was a kind of forced detox from things that I indulge way too much in, which is alcohol, going out and food. With the infections that I got, I had to abstain from any foods that contained wheat or yeast – do you know how hard that is? For a person like me who has been so accustomed to eating things from a packet or box for most of my life. This has been a major life change and eye opener. Funny enough, it’s something that I had an infection whilst breastfeeding my daughter – so it wasn’t too foreign, but still a massive challenge!

The last time I had indulged in alcohol was on my birthday on the 29th of January – for almost two months, NOTHING 🙂  I was so proud of myself, until I was invited to a friend’s birthday about 4 weeks ago, and then started the cycle of alcohol and going out all over again! It’s so easy to fall into this again after doing it before for so long. Last weekend was the last time I went out with a friend, my sister and cousin to a local club and again over indulged in alcohol. So much so, that I was ill for the weekend and that was enough to put me off again for a long time.

Before the weekend, I had already psyched myself and planned on a detox/fast for 30 days. So if anything, that weekend pushed me to do it even more. I knew that it was going to hurt! That it wasn’t going to be pretty or easy. I was also in an emotional state after the weekend, so that with what I allowed in my body called for a major detox. Although the reason why I wanted to do this detox/fast is because it is something that I have been doing at least once or twice a year for the last 3 years and mainly to detox from all the medications that was pumped into my body after the surgery, as well as the aspirin that I had to take for 6 weeks after the surgery. I don’t feel right having all these in my body for so long – yeah, I know, I know – then I put alcohol in my body most weekends….which is a habit that I need to change as well, but I know that I need to do it slowly because depriving is not the answer. At the moment, the important thing is to rid my body of most of the toxins that has been purposely put into it in the last 10 weeks!

I will end this post here and start another with my motivation and inspiration for my new healthy path…..


Kicking butt into weeks 37-38

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me but definitely in the right direction! I will get straight into the stats to give you guys a clearer picture.

Week 37:  18th of November 2011 = 200gs exchanged

After exchanging 1.2kgs the week before, it seems like my body slowed down, plus I decided to do a lot more walking and some weights this week, which totally helped me too. When I stepped on the scale that morning, it kept telling me, 200g, then 300g, then 400g…this went on 9 times!!! So in the end, I decided to go with the lower end of the scale as I was feeling bloated throughout the week. I noticed that just before WI, I think I stress myself out a little and get all bloated just the day before sometimes…sometimes it reflects on the scale and sometimes it doesn’t! Strange….happen to anyone else?

Week 38:  25th of November 2011 = 800g exchanged

Considering that I had my family xmas party on the weekend, drank all Saturday and stayed up till 5am, ate whatever I wanted on the weekend – I am feeling pretty chuffed with the results – but this is not by chance! No! I actually had control of my mind for once(which is unusual during a hangover lol)..I didn’t choose bacon & eggs, I didn’t choose pizza for dinner, I didn’t choose TOO many fizzy drinks…I am not saying that I didn’t have a couple of fizzy drinks(non-diet too!!!), a few biscuits and amazingly tasty desserts but I did so very consciously(man, I wish I could do that ALL THE TIME!!!)…AS soon as Monday hit, I was back on my exercise and eating plan…hence the great result. Lots of walking, zumba & Jillian!!!

So…. Exchange to date =27kgs  – 27.5 BMI:) = 6 kgs to normal weight BMI

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far:

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4

Well clearly I haven’t reached this and yes, maybe I was a little ambitious here but I am 3 kgs closer with 3 weeks to go until I leave for my trip! I will be pushing hard for this.

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6

I have decided to be happy to leave the country @ 70kgs. The plan is for me to keep active whilst overseas. I know that I will be eating lots of different foods as well as  drinking sometimes and I am prepared for that. So long as I ensure to work out everyday(which will totally be possible as I am staying with my cousin) and there will also be day trips with long walks! I will also have my sister on the trip and she will also be diligent with her exercise …so that will help heaps!!! I am planning to take a 16gb usb filled with my exercise dvds!!! Plus there is a week  before and after New year’s – where we will be staying ON THE BEACH(can’t wait for this) and my sister and I plan to jog every morning @ 6am 🙂

My long term goal is = 61kg exchange – total of 12kgs to exchange = BMI 23

I totally see this as something that I will reach with time – since it’s taken me 38 weeks to exchange 27kgs thus far – I am guessing that it may take me about another 12 – 15 weeks to get to this goal. I predict and visualise that I will return either at the same weight or having lost 1kg at the very very least!!!….that is my aim! Hopefully all the relaxation and family time will get in my system and help things to move along…lol


I went shopping on Thursday – the plan is that I needed a top for an engagement on Saturday night and a skirt or dress for next Friday night when I will go out dancing with a friend! I spent like 45mins in TEMT(love that shop): 2 singlet tops, 2 skirts, 1 dress, 1 lacey over top, 1 frilly top + 1 large pair of hoop earrings later = $68. What a bargain I thought…so many clothes for what I would sometimes spend on just 2-3 items and I got EIGHT(8) things!!! That’s amazing. Plus the best thing was that  I can now look past size LARGE(L) and go for medium!!! That felt awesome. I felt like the world is my oyster, like I had so many choices!!! I missed that feeling. Of course there is still so much work to do, but I am enjoying reaping  these rewards in the meantime 🙂 TOTALLY!! Just need to remember to enjoy and keep moving – NO COMPLACENCY!!!  Plus I have been able to fit into a dress that I’ve had for years and years(and never gets old being a summer dress, as per pic here) and have also not been able to fit in for about 2 years 🙂

My sister and I have started the habit of waking up @ 6am this week to go for a walk/run together! Have done this on Thursday & Friday. We walk up the path through the park – which is about 1.2kms and then run back! Today we went a bit further…I haven’t run for a long time, except for bursts of it when I walk sometimes, but not for such a long distance. I surprised myself at how long I could keep going. IF it wasn’t for the fact that we were restricted by time,  felt like I could keep going!!! This is in training for the plan to jog when we are in Mauritius and also preparing ourselves early for the Kids Fun Run in March next year – where I plan to join her in the 5km run 🙂 I am actually really looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, I am also participating in a 6km walk around the lake in Ballarat on Saturday with my husband and sorta sister in law. My brother is also participating, but he will be doing the 12kms run!!! I am quite looking forward to that one too – it will be so easy, it’s so done – I mean, this week I walked 6.67kms then another day of 8.24kms!!! Got this in the bag! Thursdays are usually my days of hard core exercise, I don’t plan for it to be, but it always ends up that way – did walk/run for 25mins with my sis in the morning, then 1 hour of Jillian core work and then 1 hr of zumba class that night! I was a little wrecked but I went to bed at a decent hour and was able to wake up this morning..barely!!!lol

Ok I have gone on and on here for long enough…I better get on to my Gratitude list for the last 2 weeks:

  • early morning walk/runs with my sis(very special sister time!)
  • Zumba with my new trainer
  • the amazing friends and support on WW community(glad I never really left!!)
  • going shopping and being able to buy size Medium in skirts and tops!
  • bargains
  • getting back on the wagon after a hard weekend
  • appreciating this statement more and more as I experience life: “Perception is projection!”
  • Jillian’s Ripped in 30…I love it, it works!!!
  • becoming an aunty again by May next year(my brother having his first bubba)
  • 19 days and counting to our trip!!!


“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”


“You will always receive what you give – no matter what – it’s the universal law!”


Delay in goal shooting….

The last 3 weeks has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. SO much has been happening in my life socially. I had a goal in sight but it keeps happening for some reason that as soon as I get close to my goal..I CHOKE!! What is up with that???

Maybe choke is not the right word…I think I become complacent…happy with where I am, too busy celebrating and meanwhile forgetting that there is still more work to do!!!

Well let’s get into the weeks’ stats, for more explanation:

Week 34:  28th of October 2011 = STS

I was doing soooo well but then I hurt my back, which meant that I had to slow down on my exercise, that really slows my metabolism down….plus from the Friday onwards, it was busy with social events. Friday night ended up being a bigger night of drinking than I planned. Saturday was spent recovering…no more drinking, but I had a first communion with lots of food and cakes were devoured. Same thing on the Sunday, as I had a baby shower with so many yummy cakes again. Nope I didn’t resist…My mind was already in the zone  that I have stuffed it this weekend, might as well keep stuffing it!

Week 35:  4th of November 2011 = STS

I wanted to be out on the 31st of October @ 74kgs but I ended up staying the same for yet another week…which is miraculous, considering the weekend that I had…I made up for it by a lot of exercise and drinking  a lot of water!My food intake was still not back on track with again another weekend of food and cake for my son’s 9th birthday.

Week 36:  11th of November 2011 = 1.2kgs exchanged

By Monday last week, I had enough and thought, “That’s it! Had enough! Time to get back on track… went back on the shakes to get me back on track as well focusing my exercise on mostly cardio based workouts to shed all that fat intake from the previous weeks!!! So that obviously helped and it always seems to happen that I reach the goal that I was aiming for one week after the week that I shoot for!!! I am seeing this pattern emerging and I am not happy about it. It seems to coincide with my TOM lurking by…as before it is here I have a lot of will and determination…10 days before, I am pretty much done for,as with the last 2 weeks….

So…. Exchange to date =26kgs  – WOOOHOO…..I have finally knocked  the 25kgs out of the park and then some 🙂

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far:

My 6 weekly goal(Before or by the 31st of October) = 74kgs & New BMI of  27.9 – I  am @ this weight and BMI as of Friday 11/11/2011

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4 – 4kgs closer as of today

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6(.6 away from being at the top of my healthy range) – 6kgs closer as of today

My long term goal is = 61kg exchange – total of 13 kgs to exchange = which would bring my total exchange to 39kgs

TOM has been a lot more successful this time around, despite the 2 bad weeks that I had(well I suppose it wasn’t really all that bad, at least I stayed the same and didn’t go up!!) I now officially have 30 days to lose 6kgs. I have a couple of plans in place and hope to be able to reach the goals by the nominated dates!!!

I am still travelling well with the clothes. Haven’t taken any pics since the last ones I put up here but plan to do it this week!!! All my clothes are definitely fitting me differently. I am still slowly getting rid of my bigger clothes…I am still finding myself wearing them every now and then just to feel good about the fact that they are now loose on me but I know that I need to get rid of them. I have been doing so one at a time, especially when I see how ridiculous I look in them now! It’s great though!

This week’s exercise plan is more cardio again (zumba, dancing, walking) but also incorporating some weights again.My main plan is to exercise my little heart out until the day that I leave to go to Mauritius. And even whilst there, I am bringing my dvds and usb sticks so that I can still do them….also plan on doing some running on the beach with my sis in the mornings when we go and stay in a holiday house! I am so excited and can’t wait.

I best sign this off with my usual gratitude list:

  • walks
  • zumba
  • Jillian Michaels
  • feeling good about myself more and more everyday
  • still having the WW community to fall back on when times are tough and especially for celebrations!!
  • getting more and more things done
  • being able to wear jeans and skirts again
  • change in my body shape
  • how far I have come in really such a short time – as with my 2 previous kids, it took me years to get to where I am now!
  • 30 days till we go on our first overseas family holiday!!!


“Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” — George S. Patton

Small positive decisions done consistently will lead to big positive life changes. The key is consistency!” YPG


Onwards and downwards I go!!!!


It’s only been three  weeks since my last blog…I am improving!!! 🙂

Let’s start off with the stats:

Week 29:  23rd of September 2011 = STS

I predicted this from my last blog, as even though I was making sure to eat as healthy as possible – the dirty habits that I had picked up again(cakes & biscuits) were still around but I was slowly looking to replace them with alternatives. This whole week was dedicated to slowly changing things, getting my mindset right … most of all, picking up my exercise days again. Being the first week of the holidays as well, it was a slow process but one I knew I would win because I could feel my mojo coming back

Week 30:  30th of September 2011 = 800g exchange

On this week, I kinda followed a plan that my sister had – which was a 14day plan,  that had been working for her and so I decided to adopt some of the principles, as well as what I already knew. This week, I was ultra motivated and ready to tackle this thing…so I used this week as my planning week. I cooked up two recipes of soup(Lentil soup & Chicken soup) and froze them – made up 14 days worth. I have a food plan for every week for the next 10-11 weeks. The exercise was improving again…doing lots of walking with the kids as well as my regular dvds. I sat down and worked out a plan for the next 10-11 weeks on my calendar and I plan to stick to it like there’s no tomorrow this time around!

Week 31:  7th of October 2011 = 1.4kg exchange

OMG…How happy was I to see 76.8kgs on this morning’s scale!!! I worked hard for this and finally the scale was reflecting it 🙂

Not everyone would agree with this method, but I felt like I needed to give my body a boost and a cleanse. This is what has worked for me from the beginning of this journey. The two options were to do the lemon detox or a week of the Biggest Loser shakes & soups. I decided that I didn’t want to not eat altogether, so I went with the shakes option. I have a shake everyday for breakfast and I play it by ear as to whether or not I will have it for lunch or have soup instead. For example, on Thursday I went out to lunch with the family, and I had the shake instead of buying food out. On Friday, I had rice paper rolls with chicken & prawn instead of the shake for lunch because I had done 40mins circuit and 1hr walk and my body was demanding some kind of carb to sustain my energy levels. So as you can see, I am being smart about it and not being so  stringent that my body goes into a state of shock.

So…. Exchange to date =22.8kgs (2.2kgs to total exchange of 25kgs!!!)

Been a long time since I measured but changing that as of now..and only doing so every 4 weeks

Measurements: Arms -(1cm) ; Bust – Same /  Hips – Same ; Waist -(3cms)

Thights – (2.5cms)

So let’s see how far I am from my goals so far and set some new ones along the way:

To reach my new BMI of 29 by the 1st of October(78kgs) – YAY! I have met this goal 🙂

My 6 weekly goal(Before or by the 31st of October) = 74kgs & New BMI of  27.9 – 3 weeks in and I am 2.8kgs closer to this goal

My next 4 weekly goal(Before or by 25th of November) = 70kgs  & New BMI of 26.4

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs & New BMI of 25.6(.6 away from being at the top of my healthy range) (at the most!!! – my plan is for less but will be content to leave Australia with this)

I have taken my photo of me in my underwear the first week I said I would but yet to take another since then…well mostly because I felt no change, but now I do. I am also going to take a photo of me in the my size 12 skinny jeans that I look to fit in by 74kgs, I want to see the progress of this one 🙂

I also put on this jumper that I bought not long after I had my daughter…it was  a 16 but for the longest time, it was still a little fitting on me. A couple of days ago, I put it on…because I wanted to wear a warm jumper(needing to at times in this Melbourne bipolar weather lol) and I realised how loose it was on me. It no longer was fitting on my tummy or my butt!!! Felt sooo good.

Other than that, a few people in the last few weeks have told me how they’ve noticed that I have lost weight. And I was sure to thank them for noticing after all the hard work I have been putting into the whole process 🙂 Such an amazing feeling to have it be noticed.

With my exercise plan, I have this now set up in 3 week sets instead of 6 because I found that I get bored very for the last 2 weeks and next week, been mainly working on my butt and thighs…everything else is in there too, but that’s been the main focus!

I am envisioning myself able to wear bathers whilst I am in Mauritius in December and be proud to show my body on the beach…and wear everything and anything that I want leading up to and when I am there 🙂

I don’t have much more time to write here, so I will sign off with my gratitude list and quote as usual:

  • Having my mojo back
  • Daylight savings
  • My kids loving to walk with their mum
  • Making the choice of walking to the shopping centre instead of taking the car
  • Family and WW community support
  • Breakthroughs of my new BMI and being well into the 70’s(finally!!)
  • Finally receiving my passport for our trip
  • Being able to pay for our trip to Mauritius(can’t wait!!!)
  • How far I have come in many of my goals this year and the future prospects!!
  • Being home and able to share in all my little girl’s milestones…sooo priceless!!!

‎”Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”

– Joseph Campbell

“Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most.”

– John Assaraf


Long overdue update

It’s been so long since I wrote here, I thought I better update . Life has been so busy and the weather has been so amazing that I have been ensuring that my daughter and I are out of the house as much as possible!!! At the same time, my health exchange plans have been going on a downward spiral…let’s start with an update first:

Week 23 – 12th of August 2011 = 600g exchange

This is the week  that I finally reached my 20kg mark exchanged…and I mean FINALLY….it took me a while to get here but I finally did it. Was so happy with myself and my achievement. I went out and did some shopping for some new clothes – which I needed for my sister in law’s birthday the next week as well as needed to have some new tops to wear on jeans. This is the day that I bought my red dress on WW profile. It felt great to be able to buy clothes and feel good in them. This red dress was a size 14. I almost went for a 12, which would probably have been ok but I think my mentality is still in the 14’s at the moment. Plus I am more of a 14 at the bottom and a 12 on top.

Week 24 – 19th of August 2011 = 400g exchange

This week wthas another amazing milestone as I finally entered the 70’s. I said “Hello there,  it’s been a long time!!!” It felt great wearing my red dress on the night of my sister in law’s birthday. Had an amazing time and danced the night away!

Week 25 – 26th of August 2011 = 200g gain

What with a whole lot of sickness and stress going on in my life…this result wasn’t really a surprise and it was that time of the month! But the amazing plus was that I was still walking (left behind the hardcore stuff this week) and that seemed to help me more than I thought it would. The weather in Melbourne was improving this week, so more walks to and from the school were happening again. God, I LOVE SPRING!!!!

Week 26 – 2nd of September 2011 = 800g exchange

Now I am well and truly in the 70’s – I will be even more happy when I completely see the back of the 80’s! Every now and then my weight fluctuates(yes, I had been peeking more than I should have been in this week. I was sick this week and hardly did any exercise at all. When I did, I eased myself back into it with some yoga by Jillian Michaels and then back to walking in the beautiful sunshine as much as I can!!!

Week 27 – 28: 9th   –  16th of September 2011 = STS

Two weeks of STS…and probably heading to another one this week.
I have no one to blame….which I shouldn’t really be playing this game..but I know exactly why I am here. I have lost all my mojo and motivation to keep going. I reached the decade that I have been wanting to be in for months and now that I am there, and only on the edge of it…I seem to be celebrating there for way too long. Instead of moving along and aiming for my next goals.
I am not going to deny that I have been having fun along the way – I mean that is something that I vowed to do from the beginning and that is one goal that I have been living up to. Meanwhile, it maybe that I need to admit that this very goal is having a hand in sabotaging my other goals…my most important goals of exchanging another 19kgs.
I have been really happy with throughout all this STS is that I have been maintaining my exercise, even if not for 5 days a week, at the very least 3 times a week. If I am to put a positive spin on this, I certainly have mastered the art of maintaining my weight for almost 3 weeks. The best news is that as time is going by, I am seeing that hovering between the two decades less and less. That has been motivating me, but then I get in the mode of going out and drinking and then it takes me 2-3 days to get back into the swing of things and by the time I do, it’s WI day again..hence the STS.
Other than that, this week has been lead up to my TOM and this has been proving to be such a massive bullet in my journey. I know that the reason why it is all affecting me so much is because I stopped taking the tonic that I was having from the Naturopath – which I had been told that in order to keep my hormones under control I will most likely need to take this for the rest of my life, but in the meantime, it’s not cheap. Ok, that was the excuse that I was telling myself anyway, and then I realised that in the meantime I am making sure to find money to go out and to drink, and to buy clothes, etc….so I really need to get my priorities right!!!
So…. Exchange to date =21kgs exactly
I have not been measuring myself for all this time – no reason, just been forgetting to do it first thing in the morning.
I have been really happy with how my clothes have been fitting me. It was my daughter’s first birthday on Friday and we had her party on Saturday. I was able to wear the dress that I was wanting to fit into from the beginning of this journey – it’s a size 14 and yes it was a little big on me, but I was just happy to be able to wear it…as I love the dress. Unfortunately, that day – I don’t think I too any pics of me in it…strange for me lol…I think my sister may have taken some pics of me in it as I was holding my daughter at the table when cutting the cake. Anyway, I did feel fabulous in it! Even if I was 4kgs off the goal that I wanted to be at by here 1st birthday….
It’s like I know I am so close to meeting my next goal but I keep sabotaging it…I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I live in my head too much. Sometimes, my positive thinking takes over and I forget that the action needs to follow to SEE the result…not just FEEL the results!!!
Step 1 towards recovery:
I have been motivated by one of my friend’s health exchange blogs where she’s been taking pictures of herself every week in a bikini – so I am seriously considering making this my method also(don’t know about the bikini tho….lol) – not necessarily for the world to see, but for myself first and foremost and decide later whether or not I would like to share this.
Step 2 towards recovery:
Received Michelle Bridges Crunch time Lose weight fast and keep it off in the mail last week and now it’s time for me to apply it along with what I already know – mostly because I am aiming to get as toned as possible before the end of the year and I think that she can give me those results!

So my next goals are as follows:

To reach my new BMI of 29 by the 1st of October(78kgs)

My new 6 weekly goal = 74kgs

My goal by the 10th of December 2011 = 68kgs (one week before we leave to go on our BIG family overseas trip!!!)

I am not sure what else to write here now, mostly because my head is full of ideas at the moment that I feel I need to go and put into action asap…well at least before my daughter wakes up from her nap…and also because I think it’s best to go and pour my energy in the positive steps to recovery rather than wallowing on what I should have done to date. … what’s done is done, now it’s time for me to move on….so it’s time to close this blog off with my usual gratitude list:

  • The WW community – including status messages, blogs, challenges….even if I haven’t been as active as I’d like but it’s great to know that  I can always come back at any time and people are still so supportive even throughout my failures
  • Meditating(which I was really getting into when I started the Chopra meditation challenge and fallen off the wagon as I fell off the Health exchange wagon)
  • My old clothes fitting
  • My supportie family
  • Time with my daughter at home
  • Reading
  • Michelle Bridges 12WBT(this is because I had been considering doing her program, but realised that it wasn’t worth it, not only because of the price but also because I do have a system and community support right here on WW – but she helped me to realise this and allowing me to explore other avenues to help me get out of this slump I have found myself in)
  • Completing my studies(which now means that I have to take action and applying this to what I want to do)
  • My Mother in law, who looks after my daughter whilst I do shopping on Tuesday mornings at the market – ensuring that I get to buy the freshest fruits and vegies and motivates me to eat it

So to end, some inspirational quotes:

You can accomplish far more than you have, & you will ~ Og Mandino

The moment you start complaining you instantly stop the flow of positive energy into your life. ~ Jeanette Jenkins


Making positive changes into Weeks 21& 22

I wanted to write this blog last week but things have been pretty hectic – what with kids and having to complete my assignments, family events, etc…

To be honest I am a little unsure as to what to write in here today but I am just gonna ride that flow that comes when you just type and write what’s on your mind..So firstly, let me start with my stat updates:

Week 21 – 28th of July 2011

I was ecstatic to finally see an exchange of one(1) kg. After a few weeks of small losses and a couple of STS, I was on Cloud 9! I definitely had much better control over my diet that week as well as stepping up the exercise a little. There were still some ups and downs and of course the weekend was the downer, as it is every week.

Week 22 – 4th of August 2011: New WI day of Friday

Was not surprised with only an exchange of 200g in this week. To be honest, I was surprised that I exchanged anything at all! I was happy but at the same time, disappointed in myself for not sticking to the plan. But I made the choice to pick myself back up and do that exercise and make those better choices with my food intake.  The great thing about this week was that I was getting so many other things done that had been left to wayside for so long…. The night time has been my biggest downfall, because I sit there watching movies or doing things on the computer or watch tv and I eat! And I am hungry, so dam hungry! Although I have to say that the decision to change my WI day was the best decision I made. It’s helping me to stay focused for 5 days after the weekend, and I am hoping that the change ensure bigger exchanges from now on. Also, I did get into a lot of toning work in this week which would have reflected muscle gain on the scale.

So my exchange to date = 19.4kgs exactly

I have 600g to get to halfway and 1kgs to 10% of my current body weight & to be in the 70′s!!!

I am so determined to have this week be the week that I meet both of the above goals that I have been dilly dallying around for the last few weeks. 70’s is all I will see for the next 10 weeks. I am saying goodbye forever to the 80’s. Whilst  I’ve had many good moments in this decades, it’s time to move on!!!! It’s time to set some new goals -so this is my goal by Friday 12th of August. I know that part of this week is going to have to be A LOT of cardio -more cardio than muscle work so that it reflects a bigger exhange on the scale this week. Loving working out with Billy Blanks though, he is awesome. I did his bootcamp abs workout last Wednesday, and O M G what a workout but it felt so amazing afterwards! Not that I haven’t been doing any abs workouts, but this one is helping me to feel the muscle under all the flesh again, finally. Obviously, to the seeing eye, I have a long way to go, but inside I am feeling it! YAY!!

I am really so inspired by all the support on the WW community..there are 4 women in specific that I can think of and they know who they are. We are helping to motivate and inspire one another to meet our personal goals, by encouraging and supporting one another in the best way we can!

I am actually finding that i am a little lost for words today…so I am going to get on with gratitude list for the last 2 weeks:

  • Blogs
  • Community support and friends on WW
  • Connecting with others, even if we are all on different exchange paths
  • Fitting into my jeans & pants a lot more comfortably
  • Having to keep pulling up my size 14 leggings during bootcamp/training
  • Getting things done
  • Seeing progress, whether it is big or long as it is going in the right direction
  • Being able to apply what I have learnt as a paying WW member, as now  a non-paying member
If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and Work it, Work it!~Billy Blanks


The lows of plateau during Weeks 18-20

It has been 3 weeks since I had an entry here.

It may seem that I seem to only have entries when I have good news of some kind of exchange or what not – the thing is that in the last 3 weeks, I have to admit that my attitude was at its utmost undesirable! I personally did not feel like I had anything to offer in the state that I was in except for negative energies & thoughts. There are many personal issues – some at a deep soul level and many just at an ego level – that I’ve had to deal with and still having to deal with but I am seeing more and more that these situations – whether positive or negative – are presenting themselves to show me how far I’ve come. I know that these  blogs are designed for me to release but I also have been feeling like somewhat of a fraud! All will be revealed as I write this blog….Even as I am writing this, I am unsure what will emerge as I type – this page has been opened for 2 days with not much written…

Week 18-19 I saw nothing – no change on the scale – although I was exercising everyday but I also had many busy social w/ends with many drinks and less than desirable food choices. Pretty much since the Brian McKnight concert night, things have gone on a downward spiral! Clearly, every change that has not occurred is because of me. I have been my worse enemy for sure! The weekend alcohol sessions have definitely not helped, not that I wasn’t drinking along this journey but this was a weekend where it was more than I had been drinking for the last few months. Granted, I had a fabulous time, each and every weekend. And there could have been no regrets so long as I had made the right food choices during the recovery period. Mostly they were good, but each weekend I saw the pattern that they were getting worse!

During this time, I also began to lapse in tracking my foods…I don’t know what happened – after having been so consistent, something in me just switched & I decided that I didn’t want to do it anymore! At the same time, it was niggling at the back of my mind that I really can’t afford the monthly payment to WW anymore. So things need to change – and the change is mainly that I am gonna need to do this on my own!  Most days, I have been fine. Sure, there are still the few choices that can be questioned but at the same time, the points calculator in my head is still automatically churning and doing its best to make an honest WWer out of me!

Week 20 An exchange of 200g!!!! I tell ya, I have never been so happy since being on this journey to see this exchange…even though it is small, it’s a movement from where I was for 2 weeks!! I missed measurements so will do this next week..

So my exchange to date = 18.2kgs exactly

I have 1.8kgs to get to halfway and 2kgs to 10% of my current body weight & to be in the 70′s!!!

Today – being Monday 25th of July – I have taken charge again! I have gone into

and reset my goals! I have decided to embark on my soup detox plan for this week to help get me back on track – but I will say that I am not doing it in the strictest sense as I am nearing that TOM YET AGAIN…so I need to allow the times that I will need to curb those cravings so that it doesn’t become bingeing sessions!

I have joined Aimee’s 6 weeks till Spring challenge:

This got me excited because I thought – wow, spring is just around the corner! I will be ecstatic to be travelling my way from the higher scale of the  70’s to the lower during Spring time – this will ensure that my bigger goal by then end of the year is met!

In all the time that I haven’t been blogging, I have been keeping up with my twitter/facebook page & group – where upon my daily search for inspiration & motivation – I share this with everyone – Love for you to join me there as it is filled with inspiration!!/passied!/pages/Angel-Spice/121056004620105

(Both this and the Twitter have motivational & inspirational quotes, videos, etc, to help lift your spirits & your butt off that chair!!)!/groups/allseeingsoul (This is my spiritual group – sharing all things spiritual or soul level)

These are what have kept me sane in the last 3 weeks. It was a lot more therapeutic for me to read and share than to write during this time. I just felt like I mentioned above, that I had nothing to offer – so I searched for what others have to offer and share that with people so they can enlightened and uplifted by the words, just as I have been by them.

My exercise has also been oddly different as I have been only working out over the course of 4-5 days! I have to admit that they are hardcore days but I am happy to have those hard core days and then have 2-3 days break to catch up with lots of other things that I should be doing, rather than constantly worrying or calculating today’s workout in my head. It can get really noisy when that is going on in my head!

One of the blogs that I read – had this at the end of it(Thanks Laynah) and basically just helped me to lift out of this rut I have allowed to swallow me up:

*~* Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up *~*   Thomas Alva Edison

Well because I am getting quite sleepy(another thing I have been doing alot of lately, sleep!!!), I best get into my gratitude list for the last 3 weeks:

  • Quotes
  • Reading & sharing inspiring stories on my page/groups
  • Listening to my body(in terms of exercise)
  • Having support
  • Reading other people’s blogs to help me stay above water during times of almost drowning
  • Finally breaking out of the plateau
  • Making steps towards one of my big goals by then end of the year(more on that when things are a bit more concrete)
  • Having situations present themselves which are helping me to look into myself a lot deeper now(I would rather this happen now whilst on this thinspirational journey, than when I have exchanged it all and the emotional turmoil ends up with me eating my way back where I am leaving behind!)
I wish to sign off with these 2 short movies that I wish to share with you all – it’s really amazing how much these help to change your mindset when you’re coming out from where I have been:

Surprise exchange at end of Week 17


Ok, I thought I better write a blog about this – better late than never.

So I ended up with an exchange of 800g on Thursday 30th of June – much to my surprise!

So my exchange to date = 18kgs exactly

I have 2kgs to get to halfway and 3kgs to 10% of my current body weight & to be in the 70’s!!!

I have to say that this may catch up with me this week as I have been eating like there’s no tomorrow! TOM is absolutely shocking this month – it’s like thrown ALL my willpower out the window, the doors and flushed the rest down the toilets!!

Been a weird week as I have also had a stomach virus which my son so nicely brought home to share with me!

But the whole experience has made me realise how lost I am without a goal or something to aim for. I know that I have my overall massive goal, but finding that small interval goals are so important for me to stay on track and motivated. And needing to make sure that I remind myself why I am doing this so much more at the moment. Anyone else finding this? We are now in the middle of winter, maybe this is my body finally catching up with the season, WHO BLOODY KNOWS! I have finally dedicated some of my time this week to writing my goals, FINALLY – but I will share this in a seperate post. Have to say that it took a lot of energy out of me but it was all worth it in the end – having that clear picture is helping – just that I have a bump in the road at the moment that I just need to get over!

So the scales and I have come to a better understanding. My analog scale says that I am 1 kg lighter than my electronic one, so I always go with the digital one because it allows for the grams…gotta have that! So my exchanges that I end up recording are always very conservative and I am happy with that path.

It’s still been a challenge to get back to healthy eating habits this week but I am getting there – slowly but surely.

At Tuesday’s bootcamp, my trainer told me that she could clearly see that I am exchanging quite fast by looking at me now from the day that I came through the doors, which was about 6 weeks ago now. That was really great to hear! She measured me on Tuesday – so I am glad to have that as record to because you know when you do it yourself it’s not always that accurate…although I do my best to be as accurate as possible.

I went out last Saturday night with my sister for a hen’s night in the city & I wore these size 14 black pants that I’ve had for quite a while but didn’t fit me for about a year(obviously because of pregnancy & weight gain), that night I had to pull them up all night – especially when I was dancing. It was a pain, but at the same time, it brought a smile to my face every time I had to pull them back up 🙂

I apologise if this post seems really ranty, well that would be because I am feeling sleep creeping in but want to share my other post before bedtime…so will sign this one off with my gratitude list:

  • Listening to my body
  • Having a lot of rest
  • Taking the time out for goal setting
  • Being sooo close to the halfway mark
  • Time with my family
  • Finding inspiration
  • For the course I took 2 weeks ago
  • Blogging (Writing my own & reading others’)
  • Exchanging 800g(even though I did not exercise for 3 days last week)


I just saw the following on someone’s status on FB and thought it appropriate to share here – SO VERY powerfully inspiring:

“If you’re not being treated with love and respect, Check your price tag!

Perhaps you have marked yourself down.

It’s you who tell people what you’re worth by what you’ll accept.

Get off the “Clearance Rack”  and get behind the glass where they keep all the valuables.

Bottom line…

Value YOURSELF more and others will TOO!”



Catching up over the last 2 weeks

I am planning my usual back to back Bootcamp & Zumba session tonight – usually I would have done something at home also to make up for not exercising yesterday but I decided to allocate this much needed time(whilst my little Angel sleeps) to post in here as well as set my new goals – I have a picture of where I am going in my head but it’s not enough – it will need to be written. Meanwhile, I feel like I need to reflect over my achievements so that I can stop beating myself up so much. I need to release all that I have in my head into this post – so that I can start fresh!


At the end of Week 15, I had an exchange of 400grams

At the end of Week 16, I had an exchange of 200grams

To date, total of 17.2kgs exchanged

Measurements have also been kind:

(3.5) cms from my hips (must be all that Zumba shaking .. hehe)

(1.0)cm from my bust

(0.5)cm from my arms

The rest remaining the same!


All in all, when I think over the two weeks, it’s a miracle that I exchanged anything at all!

It’s been a bit of a downer 2 weeks for me – even though I have kept working my butt off with exercising – my eating habits have been slipping and it seems that this is reflecting in my exchanges being so small.  The downer has mostly come from the fact that I had set myself two goals for the last 6 weeks that I didn’t meet. Well I got close to my first one and eventually met it but the last goal I am still dancing around. Seems to be a pattern that after every 5kgs exchanged…I hover – especially when I am SO close to moving forward into the next decade!

On the bright side of things, I did have a great experience at the course that I went to 2 weeks ago which helped me to get a better perspective on things. This course involved goal setting and reprogramming my thinking. But like all things, if you are not putting it into practice then it’s just more paper and another folder to add to my shelf.

I had it in my mind to tackle all this by the time I returned from the 4-day course/seminar but it seemed like I had already given in to some kind of self-sabotage on the way. Last weekend, I went to a concert with my brother & brother in law & hubby with respective partners and although I did my best to plan my eating(which I still believe that if I didn’t, it could have been so much worse) – but I had a few drinks(not really sure how many .. too many to mention I’d say)and that tends to inhibit the healthy thoughts. But I have to say, that even through all that – my drinking was so much less than I have done in the past. Then on Saturday night, I had a Hen’s night to go to with my sister – and there I downed another 3.5 champagnes but over the course of 6 hours. The food choices again were not great so this could all catch up with me this week if I don’t get on to it soon. Let me put it this way….There were a lot of junk food choices. I did over indulge and it was not unconscious…it was all done very consciously…so for anything that scale reveals to me this week, I will take full responsibility(Thanks to SoulGoddess for reminding us all of this through her experience). Either that or have no WI week!

The other thing that has been getting me down in the last 2 weeks, is my scales. I have two that I weigh myself on – a digital & an analog one. Most of the time, they are in complete sync but the last 2 weeks, they haven’t been so much. I am having step on and off like I was doing with the analog one a few months back, to get some kind of a reading. I know that I should look into getting a new one but I am not able to fit this into my budget at the moment, so will just need to deal with the scales issues. Otherwise, I could give em up all together! lol There’s also been the fact that I have become obsessed with weighing myself everyday again. I was so good for so long and only weighing myself on the day that I have allocated and sometimes on Mondays – just to know what I am dealing with until WI day. But lately, I have been catching myself doing it everyday – when I wake up, after breakfast , in the afternoon. OMG…it’s become an obsession. It’s no wonder I am not able to move along any faster no matter what I do!

Sometimes, I have to admit that I feel like throwing those scales. Because I could feel so great in my body and really feeling the changes happening – expecting that the scale will reflect the same – and then down goes my mood once I see the minuscule result on the scale. I know that I need to account for muscle and water retention and that time of the month etc…but you all know that it’s a really challenging thing to accept when  you’re going through it yourself. It’s always so easy to give people advice and snap them out of it and I love that I can do that – I just wish that it always works on me. Thankfully, there are so many amazing ladies on the WW community that help me to feel better very regularly and it is reciprocated! You know who you are Ladies.x



So What I have I learnt from my last 2 weeks experience?

So much! Mostly that it is very important for me to write down my goals and in the way that I have been promoting on the 6-weekly SMART goals but I have some extra steps that I will share with you all once I have done my own. Having these written goals and little milestones to reach for each week is also important. I am realising more and more how important it is to not deprive myself…So far I have been saving my 49points for the w/end but I have decided to start using some of these for during the week as well, so that I can indulge in a small treat here and there…because by the w/end, it seems like I am kinda heading for a bit of a binge and sometimes it doesn’t stop. Last weekend’s indulgences are taking while to wean from but I know that I will get there!




Have I been able to find things that I am grateful for in the last 2 weeks?

Oh gosh, yes! So much! A lot of it not WW related but I will share some anyway;

  • Resting my body and still listening to my body
  • Seeing myself in situations that I have in the past behaved poorly and this time being able to come from a wiser and more mature stance
  • Being grateful for those past poor behaviours because if it wasn’t experienced, then I wouldn’t be able to now recognise how much better I can be
  • WW community 
  • My exercise buddies 🙂
  • Bootcamp & Zumba on Tuesday nights
  • Meeting new people & making new friends
  • Getting closer to old ones
  • Seeing myself through other people’s eyes
  • For the small exchanges


“Only YOU can make yourself happy – No one has any control over anyone else’s happiness!”

~Matt James


Successfully leaping into Week 15

I am happy to report this week’s exchange of one(1) kg!

It hasn’t been an easy week, I can tell ya that much but I got there….Well halfway there.

As per my goal on my challenge “6 weekly SMART goals” – I have yet another 1.4kgs to go! Although there are only 3 FULL days left before Sunday(which is my niece’s Deb).

So what am I gonna do about it?

Well, just keep doing what I have been doing for the last 3 days(which from my sneak peeks at the scales, was when the change happened) – which is exercise(although today I have been kind and rewarded my body with a nice long 65 mins of yoga)and following a Kick Start plan that I turn to when I need results or wish to detox my body – this consists of mostly soups, vegies, fruits & nuts for 7 days. Works everytime, when I have the patience to do the big cook up 🙂

Do I think this maybe a little ambitious?

Yes, maybe but I am sure willing to give it a go! I will be extremely happy even with another minimum of 500g as that would actually put me in the ball park figure that I was aiming for! So time will tell and the weekend is coming up, so that will be the true test for me.

I did try on the purple dress that I plan to wear to this Deb on Sunday and was quite happy with how I looked and felt and in it last week..So this week will be even better 🙂 I also tried on a summer dress that my sister gave me when I was 5 months pregnant – it’s a size 14. Have been trying it on every month or so and I am happy to report that it now fits me beautifully. I would wear it out in public now if I but it’s too cold, so by the time Spring comes…hmmm may have to get it taken in…hehe. My Miller’s jeans also are fitting a whole lot better. I wore them to cousin’s house on the weekend and could sit in them without opening the buttons and could also drink & eat in them, without having to undo the buttons. Now that’s PROGRESS!!! 🙂

I am still contemplating putting progress photos up. Was planning to do it last week but I chickened out..mainly because of the fact that the pics end up showing up in Google pics and I don’t feel too good about that fact. Still undecided on that one and who knows, I  will probably change my mind – maybe once I hit the halfway mark.

So going back to my victory so far….

To date, I have exchanged 16.6kgs since 10th of Jan 2011(24weeks) and 10.2kgs since I joined WW on the 3rd of March 2011(15 weeks)

As of today, I have 3.4kgs to exchange until I am halfway to my goal 🙂

Today was also my 2 weekly measurement day and I am happy to report:

-1.5cms from my hips

3cms from my bust

-2cms from my thighs

And the rest stayed the same 🙂

My activity points for the week = 89

Did I do anything differently from last week?

Well first and foremost, my attitude and morale were a lot better! So that in itself has given me the motivation to stick to my all eating & exercise plan. And funny enough, in the last week,  I actually had two rest days – one last Thursday because I was just feeling low and my body really felt like I needed it and the other on Monday was the final release of all the moods and hormones built up from last week! So, I am just realising this myself as I am writing this – only  5 days of exercise and I still got great results! And that is mainly from the fact that I have been listening to my body and only pushing myself when I am feeling like I am up to it and giving my body a rest when it’s telling me to.

Definitely that one day of Bootcamp & Zumba really helps give my body & my metabolism that boost that it needs. I know from past experience that in order for me to see any kind of decent exchange, I need to have challenged my body somewhere along the way(and ensuring to nurture it in between too). Therefore I am glad that I have added this into my exercise regime and apart from that – it gets me out of the house and away from the kids’ dramas for a while 🙂 It feels awesome afterwards, that’s for sure.

Now I have just been reading my last entry about deprivation…and perhaps people who read this(if anyone will think that I have contradicted myself by adopting the Kick Start plan this week….So I want to stress that I only do this one week at a time and only when it feels like my body needs the detoxing after having too many processed foods or chocolates or whatever else I needed to fulfill my monthly cravings. It actually feels quite refreshing. I do slowly go back to normal foods, like breads, rice, pastas, meats, etc… after the 7 days(it’s all in built in the plan)….and any treats that I feel like….all in MODERATION!

Little one is stirring in her cot, so I best finish this off with my gratitude list for the week:

  • Listening to my body
  • Caring and nurturing my body
  • Growing to accept and love my body more and more EVERYDAY
  • Exercising to the voice of my body
  • The supportive essence of the WW community
  • The massive progress I am making to fit into my old clothes again
  • Blogging
  • Keeping up with weekly rewards
  • Finding my mojo again

Be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell. ~ Bill Copeland